Charlie Bothuell Jr. Is Alive, But His Parents Are Full Of It !***messymandella***!

“He was last seen wearing a red shirt, black and gray pajama pants and a black and gray Phat Farm Jacket.
If anyone has seen Charlie, please contact the Detroit Police Department’s Criminal Investigations at 313-596-1140.”

As the entire world waited and prayed that Charlie’s dead body would be located,  faith in humanity Well, let’s not be hasty because the story took an unexplained twist.

The child was in his own house,and discovered in his on basement. Charlie, allegedly said, “I  have been here the whole time?”

The reaction of the father is not comical by any means but, a little off-putting and quite frankly disturbing and uneasy to watch.

Yep,Charlie Jr. was at his “home sweet home” but now where did the blood come from and the PVC Pipe?

What went wrong? Were the FBI and people searched for a staged kidnapping?

Questions: Why did Charlie Sr. seemed a little Why was Charlie Brothuell’s lie detector test inconclusive?

Why did the Step-Mother decline to take a lie detector?

Why was Charlie’s step mom’s lip busted, while she seemed emotionless during the recovery of her son, what was she hiding under those shades?

Charlie looked damned surprised when he realized that Nancy Grace’s Titanium Hair Helmet wanted answers, and so do we!

 Some how the father did not have his phone charged, even though he was frantically waiting for word on the disappearance of his long-lost son.

How do you reside in the same dwelling as your family and still remain undiscovered for almost two weeks?

People cough, sneeze, snore, and movement is always detected even by an small rodent, why didn’t anyone hear him?

Why was a 5 gallon drum and some food down in the basement?

Was Charlie Jr. upset with living conditions, and ran away?

The father loses patience with the media, and now we as a nation are more concerned about Charlie Jr. and who has his best interest at heart.

That stepmother and her Stepford Wife approach was dry, and agitated at best.  

The detective said, the wife left, the wife stated she was ordered to leave the premises.

Something is not right…

The media will find truth eventually and  Charlie hopefully will find peace in the unexplained situation.

I don’t know Charlie, but this story at first seemed like a nightmare, and I am wondering would the family waste time and money on a hoax.

Charlie is alive, and that is a blessing in itself.



CREEP feat. Lou Rhodes “Vertigo”***messymandella***

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“Cliff” Notes Edition: The Pissed off Pocket Pimp Chronicles of T.I. ***messymandella**

      The Wrong version was released and I didn’t realize it until 9:25. #SALUTE

  The Pissed off Pimp Chronicles will track down everytime  our little man curses someone out, because it entertains me.  TI.  AKA Clifford has been laying the smack down in everyone’s town. He has traveled coast to coast to curse people, slam the hell out, with no remorse! I LOVE the “Pocket Pimp” of the South.

T.I. is ride or die for the southern states, and he will cut you over his wife, Tiny.

In the last two months, T.I.  has traveled world-wide confronting folks and what not.

       He even confronted one of the husbands of the reality show, “Real Housewives Of Atlanta.”
T.I. Appollo Nena (Phaedra’s husband) about his federal case. He showed up at the parking lot and Apollo, kept “copping pleas.” The entire event was caught on camera. Apollo defended himself against a Twitter Follower that labeled him a government snitch.

So Apollo, being a SNITCH , and  not having any idea of the Pissed Off Pimp’s chronic anger, tweets almost  got him beat up in a parking lot.

Appollo’s Quote: “If 1 knows about the federal system its standard language in a plea agreement 1 must b put on notice if that applies to them,” Nida said via Twitter.    “Its standard language in a federal plea agreement. Michael Vicks TI’s plea it’s the same language different charge.”

            In defense of TI, no it is not!

What Apollo is doing is wearing a wire, so technically because he announced to the world he would be wearing a wire, he snitched on himself…
Next, it was Floyd Mayweather JR for parading around Las Vegas with an entourage of women including Tiny, T.I.’s   beloved wife, and beautiful Fashion Icon of the Century. She also is a singer, actress, and a producer.

         I can see why T.I is head over hills with us; she is the Southern Eva Mendez, damn beautiful. Well T.I. climbed on a ladder, and cursed Floyd Mayweather out and of course, the cameras caught the footage.

Yes, they were fighting over Tiny, and I can see why, who wouldn’t?
Now him Azelia Banks were in an argument on Twitter, at least he didn’t show up to confront her. They were in an argument and Azelia Banks hated on Tiny, and that is not right!

Tiny is gorgeous, beautiful, YES God!

T.I. called Azelia some choice names and even accused her (PG Version) of having Halitosis and having hygiene

       There are currently no tour dates scheduled for the next person who runs in to the pissed off Pimp chronicles of TI. But stay close to your social media sites and TMZ and when Clifford is in your area, pocket pimp slapping is sure to occur.

Lisa Stansfield – Carry On***messymandella***

Live your life

Love Your Life

Keep Thriving

You Deserve The Best

Leave The Past Behind

Be You

Stay Strong

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Carry On!