What Will Happen If You Boil Coke? NOT THAT COKE…***messymandella***


Meet Kasha Leo! ***messymandella***

kashaSinger/Songwriter Kasha Leo, from Sulphur, Louisiana is a rising star that music singles her out from the other indie singers in her class.  Kasha proves that she is a Pop Princess, with promise. She is primarily influenced by personal inner strife and her professional intimacy that fuels her music.

No doubt, Kasha Leo will garner musical success and solely because of her quest for stardom, and her passion for her singing.

     Growing up in such a small area, Kasha didn’t have support from “every day people” that don’t chase the sky.  Kasha knew her talent would gain her a musical following, so she left to find her musical voice, and support she needed from her fans. This trip  fueled her devotion and empowerment with her music, that will shine through, with each of her singles.

She decided to leave her home with only dedication, desire and a dream.

When Kasha and  her cousin left Baton Rouge, and traveled to the coast on the way to New York it gave her a new independent freedom. Kasha  later took a two month road-trip in Spring 2012  along the east coast, that bolstered her inner strength with proof that her talent could eventually give this songstress the recognition and fan following, that she rightfully deserves.


Top Albums and Songs by Kasha Leo


  Name Album Time Price  
1 Pardon My Delay Pardon My Delay – Single 2:44 $0.99 View In iTunes
2 Did Me Wrong Did Me Wrong – Single 2:56 $0.99 View In iTunes
3 Now I Know Now I Know – Single 4:20 $0.99 View In iTunes

  Kasha  Leo stated in an interview, “I found myself, my closet poems became lyrics, and those lyrics and  passion became fire.”


Lil Terio And His Weight Wars, Will Not End Well! ***messymandella***


Ohh Kill Em!
 If Terrio don’t drop The Weight, that is exactly what will happen!

That little cute chubby boy with that humorous and energetic dance steps, rose to “Vine” Victory and captured the attention and entertained and even inspired Hip Hop Artist to let him tag along with their entourage and involvement in their commercial endeavors. He signed with a Talent Agent, and now will also have his own reality show.

  His weight and big body has now stopped being comical and now are harboring on plain child endangerment.
 We can get so immersed in the fame and money , but as his parents continue to embrace his fame, he keeps gaining weight to the point of him not being able to walk.

 Terio is now wobbling and now his little fame has endangered, his frame and health and fitness.

Where are his parents?

Who is feeding this baby like a prize money cow?

He is not going to bring you money if he is dead, or has heart problems.
Don’t think it can happen?


 I had a cousin named Annie and we grew up as sisters and she was always my protector.

She was so real, protective and funny and loved me.

When women wanted to fight me, she would tell them, “Yes, my cousin is prissy and girlie, but if she wasn’t my cousin I wouldn’t like her either. However, She is my cousin, so ya’ll going to leave her alone.” I would be like, “thanks, thanks a lot, I guess?” She took care of her petite little cousin, that was hated on for who I was and my outer appearance.

She was always enormous  and full of energy and life, and was not afraid to fight men either.

She and I have always been sisters and she loved me with all her heart…

Annie’s weight eventually destroyed her entire heart and the doctor told her if she didn’t lose weight she would be dead by 31.

My cousin passed away at 32 Years Old of a heart attack, and we traveled to Gastonia, North Carolina to be there when they pulled the plug, on my sister.

 As I was crying, I looked up and noticed that my sSister still had the burn mark from the iron, when she was 9 years old.

My sister is no longer with me, and I will never let her son ever lose our families love.

He will be 4 Years Old and I will make sure it will not happen to him, dying from over eating?
 It is time to stop laughing at Terio and get him some guidance.

It is ethically unfair to not step in to intervine, when his parents don’t seem to give a damn.

He can’t drive to Burger King. Stop feeding him 17 corn dogs, and feed him vegetables.

He is wearing his heart down every single day because of his weight gain and neglect from his family.
If he doesn’t lose weight, his heart will eventually be too feeble for Gastric Bypass Surgery.
 That is the only reason my cousin was unable to receive it, her heart was weakened over the years from all of the weight.

We laughed at her size, and her eating because we never assumed she could die at the age of 32 Years Old.
 She was about the size of Terrio in her adolescent years.

Obesity destroyed a mother, my sister and part of my heart,  Annie! She did not  have any time with her son.  She always said, “I know I have a bad heart, but let me see my son gradute from high school. God can take me then!”

I still have not deleted her phone number out of my old cell phone.

She will never answer, but at least that number, and her son are proof my first cousin, my sister was here!
 Help Terio survive.

It is not comical watching someone destroy their heart muscles, and suffer from hypertension before they become 35 years old. He can still have these componets and garner money, but someone should stop allowing him to eat himself to death, to feed their pockets.