Solostar-Best Of Me Remix Freestyle***messymanadella***

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Bring Back Our Daughters – Prayers (Hal Ngoy) ***messymandella***

We are obligated to refuse anything other but their safety, and speedy return home. 

We have all gotten a little off track due to “Orange Is The New Black” and Rihanna’s dress, but we can not forget the focus of this month!

We are obligated to lend our positive energy and prayers to those that can’t help themselves.

It is time to put more emphasis on protecting OUR little girls, and getting  them home.

These Mothers will not be allowed to celebrate any holiday with their abducted daughters, if they are not recovered.

KEEP rebelling to fight those pedophiles and kidnappers and “Bring Back Our Girls ” and we must salvage any part of their childhood that those bastards are trying to exploit.

Bad News: Some Christians Are On Their Way To Hell!***messymandella***

Bad News: Some Christians Are On Their Way To  Hell, or that is what fear mongering manipulative organizations will tell you.

Don’t believe the hype!

Be aware of false prophets  and those that mislead you into complete mental submersion!

Some people use religion as a tool for  dividing and conquering tactics, to ultimately gain power and rage war!

Religion has been a manipulative tool ever since the earliest days of Colonialism.

I am a God Fearing Woman, but don’t push me!

I serve God, but I don’t think anyone should pick and choose what parts of the Bible they want to obey!

You shouldn’t use religion as a way to judge others, and disassociate people because of their sexual orientation.

Question any religion that creates division, or justifies hate of any kind.

Hypocrisy is usually the reason  some people  have given up on religion and have decided  to just stay home on Sundays!

I don’t think God makes mistakes, but I think that we assume the interpretation that we are given by man is completely correct.

When it comes to interpretation of the  scrolls, how accurate can we truthfully with our interpretation  in this century?

Keep in mind, God has  not strolled on this Earth, texted, or instagrammed anyone that I know, has he sent you an email?

We must research  theories, and question what we are told by man and find truth and understanding.

It  does not hurt to  question what you have been taught in a class.

Why is it disrespectful to have any other theory about morality and creation in regards to a religion you are investigating?

How do we know we are in even following HIS teachings?

 ThePICDeathrAD  and other scare tactic religions want to give you Biblical Nightmares, and pride themselves on  hate, to prove God’s Love.

No, We can’t do that, and we should  never be a follower of hate.

 You religion is not your gang!

You don’t have to hate other ways of thinking or sexual preferences.


I have friends that are Wiccans, Muslims and I grew up as a Jehovah Witness

Jehovah Witnesses believe everyone doesn’t go to heaven and only  144,000 people will make that trip up to “The Upper Room” AKA Heaven, others will live on Paradise on Earth.

I live by the moral code and  I don’t have to hate, or be brainwashed  to function in this life.

I think is important to investigate religions, and understand what you truly are practicing and not just listen to reason.

Proof and knowledge is mandatory within any  faith, so learn what is best for you,  inside your discovery.


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Justin Beiber Is Not The Only Artist Longing For Jim Crow’s Return. Meet V-Nasty!***messymandella***


This might still be the most delusional  chick in the rap game.

She just happens to be friends with Kreyshawn, and not with her dentist…

V-Nasty is a non-rapping,and blatant disrespectful lost child that is fueled by hype,  and racist lyrics that  are no different from Justin Beiber.

If Justin Beiber received a segregation Pass, shouldn’t we give Donald Sterling a pass too? If you are pissed at Donald, then you should also be pissed at Justin.

What is different, in these two men besides one can twerk and the other one is 712 Years Old?

V-Nasty had some controversy earlier in her career, because she wants to be down.

She kept saying that pesky “N Word”.

For some reason she assumed she would get a free pass, like Justin…

She did not have a clue why everyone wanted to cuss her dumb ass out? She apologize and two years later, she had the audacity to try it again!

I have written articles before, about her lack of skills and understanding of the culture.

She is part of the White Girl Mob with Kreyshawn.

Kreyshawn is the best out of their hip hop collective, even though they are feuding over hair grease and Ebonic Classes.

In their pea sized minds, the more ignorant and the higher they are on lean,drugs, the more they belong to Hip Hop.

 They make sure that they embarrass the culture of Hip Hop and send a message to the youth of  insulting and laughing at our united culture.

 These great pretenders are using money and affiliation to  test the waters  and our love a resistance to ignore their ignorance.

They are  pretending to respect the Hip Hop World, and  it is a slap in the face for all.

 These  delusional  artist are crippling the culture instead of embracing it, with admiration that is honorably due.

The question is, “Why are we letting them make buffoons of the struggle and the unified progress that we have made thus far?”

This is not flattery, it is mockery!


V-Nasty says the “N Word” about 10 times in a two-minute song.

Damn Shame