Tears From Heaven: Two NYC Children Murdered! ***messymandella***

Little Angels

Little Angels

            Wednesday at 8 p.m. as a suspect in the elevator stabbing of two children Mikayla Capers, 7, and Prince Joshua Avitto, 6 has an identitiy for this heinous crime. These children’s  lives were stolen by a 27 Year Old demonic individual, by the name of  Daniel St. Hubert. 

 Ths creature still is among the living,While these babies eyes are closed forever…

 Daniel will have to not only endure the hurt and distaste of the public, but the revenge hits that may also accompany, the quest for justice. 

We have witnessed too many trials leave us in turmoil a defeat. We don’t trust the Judicial System, and we are just left with a sense of unrest.

 We put our trust in this corrupt system, but we shall not be blinded this time.

It is and mandatory that we  recieve  justice that these two children and their little hearts.

  I  can not imagine the embarrassment felt by Daniel St. Hubert’s family members and community leaders, for Daniel being a disgrace to this Earth.

Maybe one day he  will hopefully one day be able to answer, “Why?”
 What was on the killers  mind that day?
What do you think Mikayla, and Daniel have planned that day?
Well, those little angels wanted Ice Cream and  could have watched new Disney Movies if you would have let  them live…

FIVE THINGS YOU STOLE FROM Mikayla and Prince Joshua

1.  Prince Joshua never had a chance to be a King.

2. Mikayla never had  chance to grow all her  little teeth back, or get money from The Tooth Fairy.

3. Prince Joshua  will never be able to hold hands with his girlfriend after Basketball Practice.

4. Mikayla will never be able to pick out the perfect dress, for her High School Prom or show off her wedding ring to her friends at work.

5. They never will have a College letter of Acceptance, thanks to you Daniel…


“This is a particularly heinous crime,” NYPD Commissioner William Bratton said. “Two young children in an elevator with no place to escape, nothing at all, and some character gets on and just starts stabbing them? … [Residents] have every right to be concerned.”

The New York Daily News reports that despite the New York City Housing Authority’s one-year-old allocation of $500,000 to place security cameras in the building, none were installed. The reason for the delay remains unclear.

“Even as recently as of March or April, they were still talking about where they were going to put the cameras,” said City Councilwoman Inez Barron, whose district includes Boulevard Houses. “It certainly is a tragedy that they were not in. Unfortunately, this incident occurred, but we hope that this is the spark to get it done immediately.”BET National News

NEW: Gucci Mane – Brick Factory (Full Mixtape)***messymandella***

Gucci needs a straight jacket and a court ordered prescription to a years supply of Thorazine, but take his dosage about 5 times a day.

This man is not a criminal mastermind; the voices tell him to react…

The signs of his mental illness have overshadowed every fiber in his being, but the Ice Cream Cone Tatoo was the moment all hope was gone.

I know “Free Gucci Mane”, but only when he gets mental treatment and help from “The Reading Rainbow.”

He requires assistance from The LEGAL Drug Administration.

Gucci Mane’s Hood Pharmacist is the reason Gucci Mane, is bat shit crazy and his dealer has not aided his psychosis thus far.

Free Gucci Mane, but Free that baby first. Gucci Mane been pregnant since 2012!

When Gucci Mane finally delivers that baby he is carrying in his stomach, maybe that will change his life, you think?

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NSFW: Survival IS A Blessing, Especially If It Is Not Your War! ***messymandella***


Look at their faces,listen to their horror, but appreciate their stories.

These could have been fatalities, but they lived and that doesn’t happen usually when illegal guns are pulled out to compensate for manhood.

In this world, it is time to realize how stupid and random death happens over money, fame and power.

Watch how innocent children playing tell the story, of the first time they were  shot.

Innocent  members of our community can lose their lives,over a beef with someone who they will never met and a bullet still can ruin families lives and  goals. 

The stress of  gun violence causes mental and social instability in our urban neighborhoods.
We are all trying to survive, and we need pictures, stories, and testimonials to reach the lost ones in our generation.

We are the last ones left, and our history and legacy can not be as embarrassing as this mess here… 


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Lil JoJo – JoJo World [FULL MIXTAPE] ***messymandella***

Track List:

1. Aikiville
2. Have It All
3. Tied Up
4. Put In Work
5. 3HunnaK x I Got Dat Sack
6. Episode
7. Shit Is Real
8. Real Dope
9. We Out Here
10. Shooterz
11. Interlude
12. La La
13. #JoJoWorld


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Corinne Bailey Rae – Like A Star ***messymandella***


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