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Justin Beiber Continues To Demonstrate His Determination To Become Grand Dragon Of The K.K.K.***messymandella***

Well, well, well we have shucked and jived long enough, and now we have let someone openly exploit fandom and exploit racism for no apparent reason. The  “Baby Face Racist” has struck again. Yes, the little Segregationist is becoming a great spokesperson for the Aryan Nation. Justin has decided to apologize again for using the “N*Bomb” and now I believe in my Anti-Beiber heart that it is my turn to tell Justin Beiber to go straight to the Bus Stop to hell. I have never let my readers down, and I believe I shall not start now…

Dear Justin Beiber,

It has come to my attention that you have bamboozled us all with you hair helmet and lack of Testosterone.

You should never have a problem with Black culture.

You have made millions imitating our Doobie Wraps as your signature hairstyle.

racist lil boy

racist lil boy

Now you want to call us names, and use Usher’s song to sing  One Less Lonely What?

Damn your gyrating, damn your helium singing voice, damn your racist thoughts and damn your hair.

You may confuse little girls by you  gyrating  in your Superman Underoos but not me…

When you become appointed to the K.K.K. remember that they don’t appreciate rap music.

In fact Justin you so damn tough, that I want you to go on a Bus Trip with Lil Reese, Chief Keef, and Lil Durk.

Sing your little song to them and see if they will let you apologize…



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Rock Short Hair And Show Off Your Face***messymandella***


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