DJ DMD – 25 Lighters Feat Lil Keke+Fat Pat VS Al B Sure***messymandella***

  Inner Soul Records  created a platform for rappers with their own trademark sound, and it included the Screwed Up Click.

DJ DMD is still making music and  teaching the young urban youth, about their Texas  Hip Hop Heritage.

The sound of Fat Pat, Big Hawk, DJ Screw, Big Pokey was at first, just an experimentation created among some friends at local parties and in their own studios.

They had no idea their body of music would actually have a place in most Texas Libraries, classes and be a major genre of Hip Hops History, but Hip Hop and now Pop has songs that are now Chopped & Screwed.

DJ DMD is still in Port Arthur, Texas where he DJ’s and remains an Elder In The forefront of Texas Hip Hop.

DJ DMD was fortunate enough to collaborate with the original rappers that birthed their sound.

The Screwed Up Click members  met untimely deaths but their legacy and body of music has a new class of rappers  such as Lil KeKe, Paul Wall, and Chamillionaire that always show respect and remain thankful for following in their musical tradition.

Lil Flip,and a host of others paying homage to the  late,great, original members of the Screwed Up Click  are keeping their sound alive.


Al B Sure! – Night and Day (C) 1988 Warner Bros. Records, was heart-throb back in the days of  the Cosby Show, and 227 days  and he was mostly seen in acid wash jeans and an S-Curl. His voice is that of a melodic, but Soulful Soprano.



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NSFW:Tom Waits – “Hell Broke Luce” ***messymandella***

I had a good home but I left
I had a good home but I left, right, left
That big ficking bomb made me deaf, deaf
A Humvee mechanic put his Kevlar on wrong
I guarantee you’ll meet up with a suicide bomb

Big fiking ditches in the middle of the road
You pay a hundred dollars just for fillin’ in the hole
Listen to the general every goddamn word
How many ways can you polish up a turd
Left, right, left, left, right
Left, right

How is it that the only ones responsible for making this mess
Got their sorry asses stapled to a goshamn desk
Hell broke luce
Hell broke luce
Left, right, left

What did you do before the war?
I was a chef, I was a chef
What was your name?
It was Geoff, Geoff
I lost my buddy and I wept, wept
I come down from the meth
So I slept, slept
I had a good home but I left, left
Pantsed at the wind for a joke
I pranced right in with the dope
Glanced at her shin she said nope
Left, right, left


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Don’t Steal Febreeze Or You Will Get Sprayed, It is NOT A Game!***messymandella***

I don’t know what them Scamps thought was going to Happen?

Sista Queen, in her red Family Dollar shirt was not here for these Shenanigans.

Mrs. Queen is my inspiration at this moment, for her swift and relentless pursuit to curse these women out.

You know that Febreeze is a delicacy and you never know when someone will walk into your house smelling like Skunk Soufflé on a Bed of Hot Arm Pits. You must cherish everyone in your nose proximity. These high class ladies did not anticipate the fire and desire burning inside of Mrs. Queen and her ride or die loyalty for “The Family Dollar!”
I bet they know now…
You do not want it with this Manager…
He is the “Wind Beneath My Wings” and “The Reason Why I Sing.”


Summer Madness 2014 :50 Cent Nas & G-Unit Reunion With Young Buck, Fabolous***messymandella***

The Overlooked Influence of Nas.Nas admits he is a contradiction.

Maybe we all are a paradox of ourselves?

He made “Oochie Wally” with his brother Jungle regarding groupies being passed around through his boys.

Nas also raps about the system in “Black Girl Lost.”

He even showed the world what he would do if he “Ruled The World”.

Were you listening?

If you hear any of his songs,he pays homage to all the Rap Elders that came before him.

Nas also wants the new hip hop artist to “Carry on Tradition.”

So many people get a hook and a beat and become famous.

Nas stays controversial and true to his form with quality not quantity.


Now if we could only get 50 Cent and and Rick Ross to share a sammich, well eat dinner. I don’t think Rick Ross will share…


Nas is one of the best Poets of all time.


When you hear his verses, you imagine and wonder about everything you witnessed.


You wonder about the atrocities of the World.

“Every generation witnesses atrocities. People in power try to fulfill prophecy.” – Nas