NSFW: South Carolina’s Speaker Knockerz [Full Mixtape] DJ Louie Styles ***messymandella***



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Gavin Degraw Coming To A Town Near You! It Is About Time! ***messymandella***


  • May 31, 2014
    Baton Rouge
  • Jun 01, 2014
  • Jun 21, 2014
    New York
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The Bamboozled Mind Of Kanye West! ***messymandella***

       The music industry always had a love hate relationship with Kanye West, even when he foreshadowed his future in “Gold Digger” the then he became the exact person he mocked in “Gold Digger.” This new Kanye West is deafening and sickening, but slightly comical.
 Kanye West is an official Kardashian, and he wears his superficial persona very well. Kanye West educated everyone on how broke he was starting out on his grind. He denounced college education, and materialistic obsessions. This new Kanye West is delusional and seems almost an alien, to the Hip Hop Culture these days! Wasn’t Kanye West blessed to make it “Through The Wire?” Yes, the Chicago native is now on radio shows sounding like Ringo Star. When did he design his new voice?



     The superficial deafening of name dropping demonstrates how far removed Kanye is from his original fan base. He used the system and Hip Hop to build up an empire on false propaganda and an artificial flow just to rub elbows with Marc Jacobs and Anna Wintour? You have stripped every authentic hair on you to become an elitist that only cares about his leather and fur coats. Children in Chicago don’t have blankets or Christmas trees this year, but you have more pressing issues with your sewing machine. Mr. West lately seems Narcissistic and complex to anyone with clarity and perception.

When Kanye West told the world that “George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People!” the world laughed but agreed with him for speaking up for minorities. Now, Kanye West has his entire clothing line based on the Confederate Flag. I agree it is form of heritage in South Carolina, but we lost the Confederacy and most of the bodies that became “Strange Fruit” have that same flag flying in the background. However, even after pretending he didn’t understand the confusion, over his clothing line has a song using the Billie Holiday song that she wrote when she saw her first Lynching and it haunted her. So where is the real Kanye West?

I miss his style, beats,and love for his culture.

Kanye, Who cares about what snooty fashion designer you are throwing yarn at, in the design room?

Kanye West, “Does not care about people who bought his albums!”

Kanye West has eliminated any morsel of Chicago, and of his Hip Hop Culture. He claims to be a ” Slave To Fashion.” Well that Confederate Flag you have put on your clothing has been a symbol of discourse and blood shed and slavery in the state of South Carolina.

Kanye, When you put that flag on your arm, you have inherited all the bodies burnt, and hanged by the trees while the wind blows their ashes around the empty fields.

Kanye can’t pretend  to  be that arrogant,  no one is that insensitive to Jim Crow, not even a Kardashian.What da hell were you thinking making this video, just bamboozled!