Live Music From Joss Stone***messymandella***


Joss Stone‘s talent should have catapulted her to the status of singerAdele.  Joss Stone’s voice is sultry and difficult to imitate.

 Joss Stone releases songs and videos that for the most part just get ignored.
 No one quiet understand the disappearance of her popularity.
Maybe she  has grown up to fast? We should remember she was under 17 and had an adult boyfriend, and singing with Betty Wright.
Maybe, when she started dressing like Rainbow Brite,her popularity declined?
 Even though Joss still gets the cold shoulder in the music industry, she is still releasing music.
Joss is Neo-Soul, and  “Blue-Eyed Soul” is of course a term for other races creating music in the Soul Genre.
I have used that term  and tag before,  I realized the stereotype I was aiding in a segregation of my own…
The termBlue-Eyed Soul, is a contradiction that creates a boundary.
Soul Music is from the heart, regardless of skin.
That being said, she has more soul than half of the singers you will hear in this lifetime, radio, or on BET!


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