The Tragic And Short Life Of Lil Snupe, Lil Phat And Lil JoJo***messymandella***

Let me start by saying, I never had the chance to meet Lil Snupe, Lil Phat, or Lil JoJo or speak to either one of these teenagers while they were alive. As a nerd, and Artistic Being, I feel pain for some desolate souls. I also know someone has to tell their story.
Lil Jojo
Lil Phat
Lil Snupe died too soon, and they closed their eyes because of nonsense. The last thing they heard were bullets in their young bodies. All three knew they weren’t college bound. Music was their life, but we all know that when you are doing your damndest to make your dreams come true, someone wants to shoot you down. In all three cases young men wanted to live life and provide for their families.These men knew they would never enter Yale or Harvard. These young men did not expect to send their resumes to Fortune 500 Companies.

Three Young Kings Who Got Their Heads…

See their tiny hearts, and limited resources transformed them into an image they felt chose them. They wanted to live be , but merged in that wrong lane, by imitating the older men around them. Without too many other observations and social development skills, where they doomed from the start? No, because Meek Mill made it out, and he is no angel, but he has provided for his family and given money to charities. It is possible to live the life and not end up in a casket, or in “The Belly Of The Beast.” Watch these young men’s as their ambitions and drive push them to the limelight. Watch them in their proud moments being able to provide for their loved ones.Watch as they feel that self accomplishment.

Watch their cockiness, and talent being poisoned by jealousy, and the “Crabs- In- A Barrel” Syndrome.

Then look around you and wonder how many Lil JoJo’s will be in buried in their favorite diamond studs and fitted hats. I want you to think about Lil Phat’s Baby Mama having to raise another child without a father, and what can those expensive clothes do for him now? Remember Lil Snoop when he had that proud look on his face when Meek Mill gave him that chance to leave the streets. How many have to leave us, before we leave the beef on wax.
The Reason I love URLTV and other Battle Rap Arenas, is because that day we are hearing gun talk and bravado, but during that moment when we are all watching nobody is loosing their lives. Hip-Hop has kept them from being on that block..  Battle Rap creates an environment to keep men and women all different races and ages power-driven and determined to make history.They tell the heartbreaking stories, people in Utah might never ever envision. Everyone has a story. just by describing the heart ache and tragedies in urban cities, made Donald Goines a critically acclaimed writer. I have every book, I suggest you read those books too.

Take the time to hear about these young men and their 15 minutes of Fame…

The welfare of your people has to mean something to you, evaluate your life if it means nothing to you.



10 Questions For Delusional Dixiecrat, Farmer Clive Bundy…***messymandella***

Dear Racist,

You gave this statement in regards to minorities.

“That’s exactly what I said. I said I’m wondering if they’re better off under government subsidy, and their young women are having the abortions and their young men are in jail, and their older women and their children are standing, sitting out on the cement porch without nothing to do, you know, I’m wondering: Are they happier now under this government subsidy system than they were when they were slaves, and they was able to have their family structure together, and the chickens and garden, and the people had something to do? And so, in my mind I’m wondering, are they better off being slaves, in that sense, or better off being slaves to the United States government, in the sense of the subsidies. I’m wondering. That’s what. And the statement was right. I am wondering.”


I wanted to take the time to ask 10 questions that I am optimistic that you will answer them before you travel to the BUS STOP TO HELL. I am enthusiastic that you want to help us Colored Folks. Of course we can’t read, because “Knowledge Leads To Freedom.” We all know “Masta’ would beez fit to be tied at us hushpuppies…” Anyway here are a few questions?

  • You think we were happier as slaves, but what slaves did you ask?



  • Where in the Whistling Dixie Hell is a segregated abortion clinic?



  • Yes, are men are in jail, so should the babies suffer and not survive?



  • When did all black people get cement porches, or cement sidewalks?



  • How did you assume that those people had nothing to do, did you ride by on your cow and ask?



  • I am not on government subsidies, but unlike you I don’t bitch when I owe taxes, so why did you?



  • What in the Jim Crow Hell did any of this have to do with your dusty ass?



  • What do you really do with you cows when no one is looking?



  • During slavery, the family’s structure was maintained because of those pesky whips and chains, and the threat of being sold, that was a good thing?



  • Go watch “Roots “and “12 Years A Slave” and damn you and your chickens. How close do you sleep with Elsie the Cow?




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