Joey Bada$$ Changed The Game With 1995 Til Infinity! Will He Abandon His Boom Bap?***messymandella***


     Artist will continuously evolve, but can that compromise their attributes and their core audience? An artist sometimes fights harder to get in the game, and  will at times, relax too soon and egotistical when they are confident about  their longevity. When I heard “1999” It was evident that Hip Hop needed a Bad A$$ that would systematically pay homage to the historians in Rap that paved the way.  The 1990’s is considered the Golden Era of Conscious Rap that we would love to have back!

     Some feel a little bit of nostalgia and confusion of why and when the Boom Bap disappeared? Joey has unquestionably listened to De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest and has mastered his education with his Lord Finesse beats! He’s offering a promising resurrection to alter and demonstrate his first introduction into the mainstream. Some of the more recent tracks have abandoned the nostalgic sound,and most assumed he would stay in that realm of sound. In 1995 Til Infinity Joey shows he has longevity in this game.

      However, artists do not want to be put in a box and typecast so early in their career! Will he lose the Boom Bap?  He pays homage but there could just be more to Joey BadA$$ and that promise and talent will land him Hip Hop’s Top Ten. Watch this video and become a fan. He will be discussed at the Hip Hop Paneling Debate, because he always pays attention to his third eye, with his little Bad A$$…

 RIP Capital Steez