Why In The Hell IS Guantanamo Bay Still Accepting Prisoners, If It Is Closing? LIES***messymandella***

Guantanamo, which remains open, has not been mentioned in the president’s annual speech since.

The proposed road to closure has been arduous and slow. In December 2009, Obama signed a presidential memorandum ordering Attorney General Eric Holder and Defense Secretary Robert Gates to acquire an Illinois state prison, which would serve as a replacement for Guantanamo. In May 2010, Congress blocked funding for the prison there, and all future replacement detention facilities in the U.S.

By June 2010, the push to shutter the detention camp began to lose steam. Political opposition and competing national priorities, The New York Times wrote, made it unlikely the president would fulfill his promise before the end of 2013….”

No more excuses.

Close Gitmo and stop the torture.

It is not an American Issue, It is a human Issue to do what is right!

These people have families and family members in poverty and turmoil, because of an unjust imprisonment.

These prisoner’s  lives are  being unjustly stolen, no different from slavery. The government knows it is happening, but refuse to do anything about it, shameful!

No more excuses!

If you are determined to close down Gitmo, why are you accepting new prisoners?


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