The Ukrain In Turmoil! War Is Not The Answer! ***messymandella***

Kiev Ukraine Protest 2014 Ukraine Kiev protest camp ablaze as police move in VIDEO Ukraine protest camp ablaze as police move in VIDEO Kiev Ukraine Protest 2.

Kiev Ukraine Protest 2014 Kiev, Ukraine Long-simmering tensions exploded anew in Ukraine on Tuesday as clashes between police and anti government protesters.

Personnel are firing whippy rounds at protesters near Independence ,,,,,Tract in Kiev after injustice caught on film caught off ward.. A new front billet had emerge.

In two days, the situation has shifted in Ukraine and made it even more dangerous for the innocent civilans in this war ridden country.

After 26 died in clashes between protesters and riot police Tuesday and more deaths will soon happen because of the violence and rioting.

All wars are fueled because of greed and religion and those are the factors that send men home to their families in boxes, and leaves innocent babies dead in the streets.

These two factors will always leave a trail of body parts and unholy wars.

We are so conditioned to fight and hate without investigating the purpose and the underlying cause of these wars.

I don’t think it matters to most because the bombings and deaths are in another country.

What if we as American’s had to wake up to this before we traveled to work and school?

I think as long as some of us can’t see the genocide we don’t feel the guilt of these murders.

Find out why we are fighting and imagine if you had to face this danger every day?

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