Pusha T – I Got Ft’s Mixed By DJ Focuz & Stretch Money ***messymandella***

Pusha-T is that Underground Champion, second to none deserves the Title, “King Push!”

After Malice became religious, you hear very little from him in the music world.

Pusha-T on the other hand, never stopped repping his Virginia Drug past.

That criminal past, makes his lyrics authentic and timeless.

He has no problem discussing his love of that Pyrex and beefs with Lil Wayne and Consequence.

I don’t advocate drug use, and would not be able to tell a “molly” from a Flintstones vitamin.

I however, am a product of that environment.

Yes, Pusha-T admits openly he was street pharmaceutical representative but so was Jay-Z.

Pusha -T raps about his own life, unlike Rick Ross who raps about BMF’s Big Meech and Larry Hover.

Some of your favorite rappers name themselves after drug lords, and they never even got a parking ticket.

With, life and gang violence right in your face, he still is not glorifying it but embracing the fact that it does exist.

Pusha doesn’t want you to become a permanent member of Club Fed, or 6 feet deep. He is  demonstrating his grind and his legend,”King Push!”

His life is his life, and his name is his name, and you must respect the fact that he has 8 braids, and he wears them well!

A few people are entertainment thugs that wouldn’t know a brick from a bag of weed, but they pretend though.

When your barz, have razors infused with pain and struggle you become that King, King Push!


RIP:The Journey: Big Ten Basketball 2014 – Adreian and Lacey ***messymandella***


A courageous little girl named Lacey wanted ONE wish, to meet Adriene Payne!

 She had an inoperable tumor, but lived life with pleasure and cherishing every moment, for the remainder of her life.

She was amazing and captivating.

Lacey, we Love you more than you can ever will imagine.

You are one of the stars that even when we can’t see  your spirit will still shine.

You embody everything a soldier embodied to fight a war.

You will stay in my heart,as an inspiration for the love you gave in your little heart.

You always will have a place in everyone’s heart with that contagious smile.

You inspired others that fight to survive with dignity and live every day like they were dying.

It makes the stupid arguments and grudges that we hold in our heart seem miniscule because life is a gift, we can make it a curse.

Lacey was stronger than many of us.This baby lived a life of a meteorite, and she was the driving force in Adreian Payne’s life.
I love you baby and I have tears for you right now!

Please keep being an inspiration as our little angel that left too soon.

You were loving, and beautiful and heaven has a new little angel.

Thank you for being a remarkable light in everyone’s eyes that met her and had a chance to witness her spirit.

I can’t fathom someone so young preparing to die, but as of now she has accepted her fate!

This little lioness will leave stains on your cheeks,as she did to me and the pain in my heart.

Lacey,You were here for a minute, and that was all that you needed in this life, courage and love.

The Ukrain In Turmoil! War Is Not The Answer! ***messymandella***

Kiev Ukraine Protest 2014 Ukraine Kiev protest camp ablaze as police move in VIDEO Ukraine protest camp ablaze as police move in VIDEO Kiev Ukraine Protest 2.

Kiev Ukraine Protest 2014 Kiev, Ukraine Long-simmering tensions exploded anew in Ukraine on Tuesday as clashes between police and anti government protesters.

Personnel are firing whippy rounds at protesters near Independence ,,,,,Tract in Kiev after injustice caught on film caught off ward.. A new front billet had emerge.

In two days, the situation has shifted in Ukraine and made it even more dangerous for the innocent civilans in this war ridden country.

After 26 died in clashes between protesters and riot police Tuesday and more deaths will soon happen because of the violence and rioting.

All wars are fueled because of greed and religion and those are the factors that send men home to their families in boxes, and leaves innocent babies dead in the streets.

These two factors will always leave a trail of body parts and unholy wars.

We are so conditioned to fight and hate without investigating the purpose and the underlying cause of these wars.

I don’t think it matters to most because the bombings and deaths are in another country.

What if we as American’s had to wake up to this before we traveled to work and school?

I think as long as some of us can’t see the genocide we don’t feel the guilt of these murders.

Find out why we are fighting and imagine if you had to face this danger every day?