Leah Betts: What Caused Her Death,Ecstasy VS Water Toxicology?***messymandella***


 Leah Betts (1 November 1977[1] – 16 November 1995) who died after taking an ecstasy tablet one night ar her home . Water Intoxication has been labeld as the cause of death, but debated by others because that night she took an excstacy pill. She said her legs were weak and she started vomiting, and later she was screaming and claimed  she lost her sight.

Her death  opened the eyes of  many because she Leah was  born and raised with  a wholesome family upbringing and changed the public perception of what we identify as the look of a drug addict. 

Paul now campaigns to raise awareness of the dangers of drugs.

Leah Betts, one night  took the drug and decided to drink water, but because she  was under the influence she could not rationally decide how much water she could consume.

 Leah Betts was not murdered from the Ecstasy Tablets the she consumed that night.

 Leah had MDMA consumption, of the large quantity of water she had consumed.

She consumed about 12 liters of water in 90 minutes. This causing brain  swelling and Hyponatremia (Water intoxication.) BELOW IS HER PICTURE WHILE SHE IS BRAIN DEAD!  GRAPHIC!






  1. A very informative post. It’s so sad that such a young girl had to die because of ignorance. This should be taught in schools.

    • I know she looks like the little girls I see getting on the school bus. She wanted to try something because it was “cool.” Children should see this! Thank you for reading.

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