KOTD – Rap Battle – Arsonal vs Swave Sevah ***messymandella***

This KOTD match battle with Arsonal vs Swave Sevah, was very gracious and polite.

It was also a phenomenal interaction between two respectable friends that will text each other tonight and discuss patio furniture.

Both men were in such a cheerful mood, and graced the stage with such a heavenly disposition, just so damn happy!

The entire battle seemed to be presented by the Mormon Bible Camp, with very little aggression!

KTOD flew Arsonal and Swave Sevah out to entertain the masses, on HGTV, Bravo, Lifetime?

This was the friendliest and most romantic event I have seen thus far for both battle rappers.

This battle could have been on Nickelodeon, right after the “Back Yardigans” and these are two elite battlers!


I bet right after the battle was over, they sipped tea and crumpets and discussed their gardens and flower arrangements.

Of course, Grape tea was sipped by Arsonal, who stated that he would “Bend Your man?”

Arsonal was on his game and defeated Swave Sevah 2-1, even the crowd seemed to have their mind on their grocery list, and latest Pintrest Post!

Arsonal mentioned the Math Hoffa Transsexual incident and the crowd, woke right the hell up!

Hell, I know I did!

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Elite Phuckery:Malayalam Album – Worst Dance Ever***messymandella***

I am into music of all countries and nationalities!

I stumbled across this majestic creation  while shaking my head and laughing at puppet mastery!

I have no idea what da hell he is even talking about?  

However, he is the best choreographer of all time and has toured all over the world!

We should all take lessons from him and grow.

He has worked with Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson, Beyonce, and none  of the people I just named…

He also has toured with rappers, 2 Chains, The Roots, Nas, and none of the people I just mentioned…


April Fools!