Gary Clark Jr-Next Door***messymandella***



Flume – Holdin On [Official Video] ***messymandella***

Can tame you lose, no, no!
Cause I need all the joy you bring, oh!
Hey, I can’t let you go with nobody
Cause I love you baby, yes I do!

Don’t give you everything I hope
Cause I gotta, gotta keep holding on, holding on
I can’t let you go away no, let you get away, no, no!
You keep holding up, you keep holding up, no, no!

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****messymandella*** weaveless (Check Out My Arm Piece)


me in transition

I let my hair breathe


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Al Green Classic***messymandella***

I guess it  really, really, really is  hot in there…

Nobody can work a half jacket exposing the midriff like Al Green!

Watch out for the hot grits…

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