One brave boy tells the world his story to warn us about the danger ofunsafe sex.

He no longer is physically with us, he died  but his dying wish is to make other teens aware of a truth that seems to be getting ignored.

This boy wanted others to look at his struggle, imagine his pain and not live life in denial about safe sex and clean needles, and the exchange of bodily fluids.

Some think they are invincible, his life proves no one is. Stay safe, Know your status! Use clean drug needles.

WE need you here!


“Youthquake, USA Network Teen TV series , Ace Award winning special about Teens with AIDS. This is a hard hitting real world look and the AIDS crisis and American Teens. This segment features a heterosexual teenager that is dying of AIDS as a result of unprotected sex. Jennifer Smith the creator, host and producer of Youthquake spent the last year of Steve’s life with him as his wish was to document and share his death with youth around the world in hopes of raising awareness and saving young lives. People Magazine rated this special A+”

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