“He Easy Like Sunday Morning” – Lionel Richie ***messymandella***


Math Hoffa: The Hypocrisy In Battle Rap ***messymandella***

If you ever felt any shred of remorse for extinct battle rapper Math Hoffa, this will alter your thinking and remove every single sympathy plea that he brainwashed his naive fans with in September last year.
No one but Vlad TV would entertain the childish instigating by the “Cancer In Battle Rap” that is also a hypocrite.

LIE #1

-“This was an isolated event…”
secluded, lonely, godforsaken, far-flung, inaccessible, cutoff! Secluded means a single incident. 

LIE #2

The Math Hoffa apology that gained sympathy and brainwashed his fans to not only forget but even condone his bullying behavior.

LIE #3    Wait if you apologize and want to move on from the situation why would you make a video laughing about the same incident that you apologized for at your mom’s house?
He knew he would lose the battle so what does he do?
Math Hoffa created a diversion to hide the fact that he was not prepared for the battle.
How selfish is he to not care that people traveled and paid money to witness ALL BATTLES on the card?

At first after the apology  he still sent subliminal disses, that are clearly intensifying the beef.  Math Hoffa’s arrogance, and bullying are the goon like mentality that can lose venues and sponsors in battle rap.
We are portraying the exact stereotypes that Fox News, and Bias news medias all over the world convey to the public.
It is a fact that every cause has an effect. I don’t think that Math Hoffa understands that  this isn’t even funny anymore, someone will seriously lose something in the end and VLAD TV will have to share responsibility in the effect. Someone could meet their demise because of bullying and ignorance that Math Hoffa’s hypocrisy and taunting finally led up to  that he apologized for then later gave a two part video for his fans.

           His fans are intensifying the beef and are now a full fledge bullying army. Yeah, Math Hoffa fans also share bias opinions and have decided the Serius Jones is their enemy also, and that is what makes Math Hoffa  the worst battle rapper in history. Math Hoffa’s legacy will be nothing but fights and bullying and that corny catch phrase, “You don’t have bars like that!”