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Björk Guðmundsdóttir,  a residential eccentric with a voice without comparison  uses imagery and natural sounds from weather and animals in her surroundings.

The art of Bjork stands apart from her contemporaries because she infuses jazz, pop,  rap, electronica,  and pop music.

She is a walking art exhibit that borrows influence with the surrealist.

She has received harsh criticism with regards to her voice, but that is heavily because of her accent.

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I am by no means  a psychic or anything, just an activist.

I can’t without researching IP addresses, determine who reads and clicks on these stories.

The stories with the least blog likes seem to have a cult following of their own.

I once again don’t know who has read this story, but numbers don’t lie.

This story has been viewed over 16,0000 one time I published it.

14,000  read this story when I reblogged it myself.

Thanks and respect to FEDS magazine, for telling the world her story.

Much Love to the truth and gritty, but in depth FEDS Magazine.

Numbers don’t lie and that means you care.

It  is time to do something!

There is no reason for me to keep worrying and writing if I don’t do anything about it.

Positive energy does sends vibes, but ACTIONS  are a necessity in any fight.

This is a fight.

I AM NOT DOING A PETITION, I want actions!

She deserves that in the very least…

Ms. Santra Rucker was a cute around the way girl. She had the hottest labels and freshest hairstyles. She  did not have to worry about money,she dated a baller. Santra dated a drug dealer,Darryl Glen Riley.She herself, did not sell drugs. She however, was in love with a man who gave  her the best of everything. Riley,  was a well know street hustler.However, people did come to his house for business deals. She is in prison because of her love for a drug dealer.

Santra Rucker is in prison for 390 years because of her association with her boyfriend. The sentence was so extreme that Santra did not believe it herself. She has tried everything and nothing has worked.She is still in Club Fed.

Convicted and left to rot behind prison walls. Why would she face time? The truth is,you don’t have to sell drugs. Yes, If your man is a pusher and he cohabitates with you, you selling drugs to in the eyes of the law. The sad thing is that babies are also innocent victims in a drug raid. DSS will make you work like hell to get those babies, back. I know women in my neighborhood, that are going through this struggle today. The man has been in prison for years and DSS still does follow ups to check on their parenting skills.  A girl that works at DSS told me she had no sympathy for a woman who chooses a man over her kids. I told her, if she has been in that life, you wouldn’t see it that way. I told her that you can be in love with the money and become Ray Charles to the shit. Santra loved the money.Let’s be honest, drug dealers are treated like reverends, in communities by some.However, she was not a dealer, unfortunately that is not how it’s works.You know whats happening in that house.If the police come, during a drug bust,everyone goes down. Santra found this out the hard way.

People have protested and shown support. I know Alicia Keys and others have sent Santra Rucker letters. Alicia’s Grammy Award winning video for “Fallen” video was inspired by Santra Rucker’s case.

Serial Killers  don’t get 300 years for murder. Santra  was railroaded and forgotten. The government made her example. She fell in love, with the game. The game does not love you back. The hustle is real, but greed is the motivation.

If she could do it all over again, I am sure things would be different.I am sure she would have stayed away from this life. It’s gifts,and money and power. None of this lasts forever. Santra will never see freedom, and she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The court gave her 12 Life Sentences. She has spoken to 150 politicians. This woman should be home.This is simply ridiculous. I believe if you do  the crime;Do the time! However, she fell in love with the wrong man. What would happen if everyone that dated a drug dealer was given 390 years in prison? Would you  be reading this now?

We have to get this woman out of prison…real talk. messymandella

November 13th, 2012

We have to get Santra Rucker out of prison.

It has to happen.

We could start a petition, or rant and rave, but we need action.

The system is hard to crack.

There are non-profit organizations that will help provide legal support for those in need.

I am going to send some letters to different organizations.

I am hoping that we can come together and release her from “The Belly Of The Beast.”

390 Years is mental and physical Slavery.

  This woman is on my mind every day…


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