Looking But Don’t Listen To Nikki Minaj’s New Song! ***messymandella***

      When celebrities become Pop Icon’s musical attempt can become  lost in translation. Without a doubt “Stupid H*e” was her worst song, until now. This song is more of a chant and a waste of filmography. Nikki looks gorgeous and I love the confidence and scenery but not lyrics.Did Nikki write this nursery rhyme in the shower or while riding on the elevator? Sometimes people dumb down their lyrics to generate an income, but she is a millionaire. Nikki has the platform and celebrity backing to create a classic album but now that platform isn’t needed and neither is the effort.  In this song Nikki Minaj feels the need to say “Nig**” at least 25 times to prove we are some looking ass…

We are looking at you Queen Nikki, but with the speakers off…

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