PHONTE ft. EVIDENCE & BIG K.R.I.T. – The Life Of Kings***messymandella***

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NSFW:New Orleans Gang Members Interview That Should Be Sponsored By Leap Frog And The Reading Rainbow!***messymandella***

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Leopard Shepherd OFFICIAL ***messymandella*** The Underachievers

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Lupita Nyong’o Wins An Academy Award For Her Epic Performance In 12 Years A Slave***messymandella**

         We are brainwashed, thanks to our  Willie Lynch mind-set and  media obsession with skin color. We are  embarrassed by  nappy hair.This unbelievable beauty and brilliant actress prayed to have lighter skin because that would make her beautiful in her mind. We have thousands of creams that promise lighter skin. Lupita, is the color of Onyx she is so amazingly gorgeous. Luptia, epitomizes Iconic Beauty, not because of her skin, but of her gorgeous face.

I am sure that Paula Deen considers “12 Years A Slave”  the feel good movie of the year…



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Trap Love By Jeni ***messymandella***

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