Happy Belated 40th Birthday, J Dilla!***messymandella***

J Dilla February 17th,1974 – February 10, 2006) lived with  the foreboding disease, Moschcowitz Syndrome.

This disease destroyed his body over the years,but he kept making music. 

Finally, he died a few days after his birthday in 2006.

The disease conquered him, and eventually took his life but we he still have his music.

J Dilla  was a Detroit Native that worked with prominent members of the  community of Neo Soul and Hip Hop( Erykah Badu, De La Soul,Busta Rymes, Janet Jackson,The Pharcyde e.t.c) and his influence lives on! Unfortunalty his music gets sampled and used without a dime going to his estate. J Dilla created such a vast body of music, since the 1990’s and it can not all be traced and cataloged under his estate.

Yes, they are stealing art from a dead man, which is a shame!

J Dilla  a member of The Stones Thrown Family leaves a legacy of fire and talent that can not be duplicated and was ahead of his time.

I am sure you had the chance to witness his genius, but you probably didn’t know it came from J.Dilla. Respect, Love and Legacy to J Dilla  the native of “DillaTroit!”


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