URL TV: Yung ILL VS K Shine ***messymandella***

         URL TV hosted a highly anticipated battle of  the Yung ILL from St. Louis, Missouri and K-Shine from Harlem, NY.  Smack White, who was inebriated during the entire battle, could barely recollect that Exclusive Vodka was sponsoring HIS event.

          K-Shine delivery and braggadocio always take precedence over his opponent. You wonder ,”What  K-Shine got  planned this time?”  K-Shine did a name flip scheme in the first round that demonstrated why Dot Mobb is everyone’s favorite team to hate,  but while they undoubtedly  leave a monumental legacy in the Battle Rap Game. Everyone knows Dott Mobb’s Captain, Murder Mook Vs Serius Jones, is considered  the pentacle of Battle Rap’s mainstream beginning.  People still debate to this day on who is the best of all time just with  that battle alone?

 K-Shine knew that he had a great chance of  “Catching A Body.”

Yung Ill who left the battle rap world and disappeared for a while, had more to prove to on the stage. Of  course everyone in the Battle Rap community heard gossip about what he was doing while on hiatus, but those were just rumors until that battle with O-Red VS Yung Ill surfaced.  After that battle mishap, he decided to come back and demonstrate while he is one of the best in St. Louis. The audience in Battle Rap remains  critical to a battle as each Emcee  must use skill and lyrical assaults and by all means please the audience.

The URL audience members are brutal. 

They will boo you if you blink wrong.

They will boo you if they don’t like your shoes.

They will boo you if you cough, sympathy does not exist when it comes to URLTV mafia like audience members.

Yung Ill lost the audience for a minute, it is obvious he did in his second round.

Yung Ill destroyed K-Shine in round three.

No one caught  a body this time.

This battle is too close to call just like the TSu-Surf and Hollow The Don Battle.  

Classic battle no winner…


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