Respect Us! We Are Not Slaves Or Your Property!***messymandella***

     slave     In history, we know that black slave women, were forced into Sex and treated horribly,even worse than animals. They would get pregnant by master, and leave behind children the color of snow. Even the black husbands were forced to witness that mistreatment, but had to keep quiet so they wouldn’t get murdered, or sold to another plantation without their family.
        Now, it is happening again. Men that claim they are Pro-Black, or helping our community are getting women drugged and passing them around like property, instead of people. It is cool and hip to brag about how many women you sleep with, and it has become a sport. Women  are sexually treated as they were treated on plantations. Women are accepting that, and that is not what is supposed to happen. I whole heatedly believe that part of this mistreatment is our fault, we should have spoken up in the beginning!

1. Women are told from the jump, ain’t no way I am going to love you but sex  is an option. Women accept it just to say they slept with their favorite rapper. Baby, that means nothing.

2. Women are accessories  instead of humans,  and trophies that are degraded   just for bragging rights. If they speak up and say no the man just moves on to another lost soul. He finds a fool that will lay down with him. When you lie down with dogs you are bound to get fleas!

3. Women are subjected to group sex, “Running The Train.” and  the footage is sometimes recorded to make sure the footage makes the rapper look like a boss. Slavery treated women the same way.

4. The God Complex also is an integral part of the misogynist. The idea, “You should be happy, I chose to sleep with you tonight.” That’s not a prize!

5. SOME MEN  are not even trying to build or hear female  ideas, they just  assume that groupies are their God Given Right to pass around!

6. Women you should not be having sex with someone,or performing oral sex with someone you just met! AIDS is real. Minority women have the highest  rate of  new cases.

7. If our men don’t respect us, we are  doing this alone. If they can’t protect us then our Kings have lost their crown…

8. How can you possibly love us, if you don’t even think we are worthy of a date and a movie. It is frowned upon in the  Hip Hop  culture or considered “Square” to show respect for our women, when honestly that makes you more of a man. Some of you really hate us!

9. How can our men hate us so much, that they can tell us we are NOT worthy of their mind and heart but once again can  sleep with them?

10. We are so lost, Slave Masters sold us and  now we are doing the same to our women over a 100 years later. Women are passed around, and used and we can ‘t blame the rest of the world. It is our fault.

      I know all you men don’t think like this, in our culture.  Some men love us, but damn we have a better chance of being a groupie for sexual service before we can become a wife.

      If we treated each other right, we would have more respect for our women and a better foundation for our youth. I love you and want you to be better! I want you to love me as a woman not as a sex slave for  your own personal gratification. We are part of the culture too!

      I decided to illustrate authentic slave sale posters. Hopefully, it will give you some ideas. After all, if  you are going to buy and trade our women like slaves, why not get better marketing schemes for your  career ideas. Don’t worry about thanking me, that is what I am here for anyway!


Here is an excerpt from the “Slave Narratives.”

I ’member he had a real pretty gal on his place. . . One of the overseers was crazy about her, but her
mother had told her not to let any of ’em go with her. So this old overseer would stick close ’round
her when they was workin’, just so he could get a chance to say somethin’ to her. He kept followin’ this
child and followin’ this child until she almost went crazy. Way afterwhile she run away and come to
our house and stayed ’bout three days. When my marster found out she was there, he told her she
would have to go back, or at least she would have to leave his place. He didn’t want no trouble with
nobody. When that child left us she stayed in the woods until she got so hungry she just had to go back.
This old man was mad with her for leavin’, and one day while she was in the field he started at her
again and she told him flat footed she warn’t goin’ with him he took the big end of his cow hide and
struck her in the back so hard it knocked her plumb crazy. It was a big lake of water about ten yards in
front of ’em, and if her mother hadn’t run and caught her she would have walked right in it and
In them times white men went with colored gals and women bold[ly]. Any time they saw one and
wanted her, she had to go with him, and his wife didn’t say nothin’ ’bout it. Not only the men, but the
women went with colored men too. That’s why so many women slave owners wouldn’t marry, ’cause
they was goin’ with one of their slaves. These things that’s goin’ on now ain’t new, they been happenin’.
That’s why I say you just as well leave ’em alone ’cause they gwine [going] to do what they want to
anyhow. . . .
. . . Now sometimes, if you was a real pretty young gal, somebody would buy you without knowin’
anythin’ ’bout you, just for yourself. Before my old marster died, he had a pretty gal he was goin’ with
and he wouldn’t let her work nowhere but in the house, and his wife nor nobody else didn’t say nothin’
’bout it; they knowed better. She had three chillun for him and when he died his brother come and got the
gal and the chillun.
 One white lady that lived near us at McBean slipped in a colored gal’s room and cut her baby’s head
clean off ’cause it belonged to her husband. He beat her ’bout it and started to kill her, but she begged so I
reckon he got to feelin’ sorry for her. But he kept goin’ with the colored gal and they had more chillun.
Unnamed former slave, enslaved in Georgia, interviewed ca. 1937 [WPA Slave Narrative Project] „

Dey lots of places where de young massas has heirs by nigger gals. Dey sell dem jes’ like other
slaves. Dat purty common. It seem like de white women don’t mind. Dey didn’t ’ject [object], ’cause
dat mean more slaves.
CHRIS FRANKLIN, enslaved in Louisiana, interviewed ca. 1937 [WPA Slave Narrative Project] „ -from the Slave Narrative.


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  2. […] Respect Us! We Are Not Slaves Or Your Property!***messymandella*** […]

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