A Letter To The Racist Lord Jamar!***messymandella***

Dear Lord Jamar,

             You are highly intelligent, but highly incorrect about your racist rant regarding Hip Hop. We are all Hip-Hop despite the fact that you think non-blacks are “guest in the house in Hip-Hop.”
              You are creating a radius point on something you don’t control, when Hip Hop itself is bridging the gap.
Why create division in an art form that we of all ages and races can learn from thrive in and relive YOUR stories?

              I never thought of you as a racist, and still disturbed that you would even make a statement so unreasonable!

             It is also callous to assume that no one should question the validity in the bias nature of your bitter rant in your remarks.

Your racial supremacy  is no different from Paula Deen and her slave fantasies.

             You are an authority on hip hop,but you are lost and bamboozled and seem a bit salty that you don’t get mentioned in this decade as one of the greatest. I have always loved Sadat X and Grand Puba a tad bit more than you, but Brand Nubian reached every culture. You have lost respect not only in the eyes of Mainstream, but in any future Eminem, Yela Wolf, MGK, and the other so called “guest in Hip Hop.”
             When the hell did you become the “Landlord of Hip Hop” any way?

             Who are you to say who gets a pass, or doesn’t? Eminem is one of the best of all time, and I am sure he listened to Brand Nubian. Racism is the problem here, and lack of self-worth. Why does it matter that Mackelmore,  push a gay agenda?  Wait, what about Frank Ocean? Frank Ocean is an LGBT artist, and he is an R&B singer.

              Is Frank Ocean  part ownership in the house of Hip Hop and R&B or is he on a Work Visa?  Wait, Is the “House  Of Hip Hop” a time share?

Can we buy you out?

             This is  just not working out! We have other people who aren’t bigots that would gladly take part ownership in your house. You should remember that Brand Nubian and other artist get sampled by different races, and keep you relevant! Oh yeah, Yela Wolf is also a “guest of Hip Hop”, and he told you to enjoy his vanilla bon-bons.  

Can YOU evict him?

I doubt it! 

Your Sister in the Guest Room,




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