You Are Never Alone, Ever~ Loreen ***messymandella***

I am giving you that “I am about that life” look!

Life is not meant to be dreadful and full of deceptive personalities.

 You can stop accepting situations because you are afraid to be ALONE!

That word is a pitiful excuse and explanation of fear.

You can be so timid and soft-spoken and miss out on your amazing life.

You are not alone. I can promise you that someone somewhere has you in their heart and thoughts.

Why would you assume because you can’t feel or kiss that love it doesn’t exist?

 Love is when you see a little girl like Taylon that is living her last moments without regret(Make A Wish) recipient!

You feel pain and hurt well dammit,  that is LOVE.

You convinced the world that you don’t need one person but an entire room of people.

Well, if you feel that way sadly you are alone.

Love and fear keep you running too afraid to take that next step.

Live like you are dying.

Live like you can feel me hugging you!

I am here, because I once felt alone in a room full of people.

I left that room and those people and learned to love them from a distance.

 Love is not just touching, it is about going above and beyond to show the world you were here and that you made a difference in that persons life.

That is love, and you  will never use, hurt or judge that person! No matter what the rest of the world may say, you can see through that fog, and live for yourself.

YOU are not alone, I can promise you!

Energy and positive thinking may guide you but your willingness to succeed makes you unstoppable.

 You Are Never Alone, Ever~ Loreen ***messymandella***


  1. Great post and great points. Euphoria is brilliant 🙂

  2. Yes, but the oddest thing-the likes are NOT showing up. Thank you!

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