Should You Forgive A Liar?***messymandella***

Should You Forgive A Lying Bastard? HELL NAW

The worst thing is betrayal of any kind. messymandella is like the Mafia.

I am Sammy The Bull ….without the snitching.

I have learned in life that people who will lie or deceive you are cowards.

These are the people who will hug you and put  a box cutter to your back.

I know sometimes when someone tells  lies, it hurts!

 It is  easy to call someone to beat the breaks off of them, but that would make you a Bastard!

There is  a part of you would love for them to get pimp slapped, by a Pimp named Slick Back!

A part of me would love to eat Jiffy Pop Popcorn, while they eat dirt.

 That’s not right!

So, when you get right down to it, the lies are a cover up for their insecurity.

Just saying,  remember when people that are closer to the liar,  take up for you…you won!

A Lying Bastard gets their revenge through Karma.

Be glad that his people  can come into your life  an open your eyes.

You know they will laugh(because they are so cool, so sad) like they don’t care

They wouldn’t make up lies, or bring your name up if they didn’t!

You did it to yourself.

What goes around,comes around.

I will be watching, in stadium seats….

The Greatest Love Of All
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