Stop Hating On Beyonce For One Day! ***messymandella***

It is ok to love Rihanna, Mariah Carey, and Kelly Rowland. All these women are beautiful, and talented, and they show their vanity. That comes with the territory, of promotion. Beyonce doesn’t do anything different from these women.Why do people hate a perfect stranger? Why are you haters mad at Beyoncé’? I have seen this woman being blamed for the rest of Destiny Child‘s misfortunes on the Billboard Charts, the Nas and Jay-Z beef. Yes, Queen Bey is the reason Blu Cantrell, Amil, and Kerri Hilson are all one step away from working at the concession stand at Six Flags.  Beyoncé is not the devil,  she could worship a turnip, a button,or Baphomet, but that has nothing to do with your dislike!

When you revisit high school your understand the hatred. It Is  jealousy and high school girl oriented self hate. Beyoncé is the pretty girl in high school that all the men liked, and the women who resembled Rick Ross, were always mad.  You can not hate this woman, because some beautiful woman is stealing your spotlight. Please get it together and remember I have watched people HATE this woman with personal reasons, that are strange. What the Hell has Beyonce  done to you? She’s not paying my bills, but she is not sleeping with your man!

Why do you hate this woman?

This is the reason you despise Beyonce, you are upset at some pretty girl in your neighborhood, or your job that gets all the attention. No way in hell you can hate someone that makes music, and dances on stage with so much conviction. Beyonce should have a restraining order on some of these bloggers, that have even stooped so low to hate, and criticize little Blue Ivy, a beautiful little baby. Some hate Beyonce so much that it effects them mentally. They bully Beyonce in chat rooms, if you speak up you are a “Beyonce Stan!”

HAPPY BEY DAY, they still hating, you still making that bread. You are an inspiration to women that have confidence, and talent that are not afraid to tell the world they love themselves.

THANK YOU,for being a positive role model.

Thank you for being a beautiful woman, and not giving end to the crabs that are at the top of the barrel.

Beyonce is touring(sold out in hours), and she hasn’t released a recent album…

That Damn Diva



Who hurt You?

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