Respect Yourself, I Want You To Express Yourself***messymandella***

Can’t believe you don’t think you are worth it? I have seen women and men repeatedly give into temptation, for one night stands. One night of useless,meaningless sex. There is  this empty feeling that people have, inside of them. That emptiness that makes you go home with someone, and give a part of yourself.
You say that you don’ t want a relationship? So you run from what you want?  A one night stand is a reason to hug or touch a person , because you need that human connection. That  fleeting moment is a temporary fix, for what you are missing in life. There will never be anyone that will admit they are single and lonely. Single is suppose to be  fun, but you are going to the clubs and  bars trying  to find human interaction?
There is nothing wrong with going out and clubbing, but are you doing the same damn thing every weekend, with the same people?Will you be doing the same thing in 20 more years?Don’t know too many night clubs that sale Ensure,Geritol,and give AARP discounts..When will you realize that the clubs, and lack of  realness are dimming your own respect for your potential partner?Sad, to think you are happy,when you are really sad.Everything seems funny and meaningless,but you know that its more to life than just the same mundane routine.

Women, men can smell insecurity a mile away. They know when your alone and need compassion.You don’t want to come home alone, so you go  home  with him. So if you think that  once you give your  body to someone, your now a part of their future? He will not take you home to momma.So what if  he adds you to his Facebook friends,it means nothing! You may find yourself  attracted  to someone,but make them work to get you.

I went down that road and know, that people will judge you for what you did in the past.I am not stupid, but I didn’t know my self-worth. I  didn’t respect, myself. Do you? I can ‘t even imagine going down that road, again. I am here to tell you that no matter what, Respect You. Are you wifey material or are you a jump off?

You make that decision!

Don’t be the decision,be the decider.

Life is too amazing, to  be a random number in a phone.Why risk  getting a sexually transmitted disease?Does it really make sense to  have sex with someone, when you don’t know their last name? How many times have you let someone make that decision for you? See in this society we live in, a man can go home with 6 women  in a week and he gets a high-five and applause. When a woman does it, she gets glares and a reputation. Well, there are men that will discuss your ass on social media from your body flaws to your sexual technique.I feel that you are worth more than that in life.

If he says he doesn’t want a relationship, don’t open your legs until he does.

Respect You! You are so much better than being a club hopping jump off, with low self-esteem. Respect You,  and he will have no choice, but to do the same thing!

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