Brenda’s Got A Baby***messymandella***

Tupac-Brenda’s Got A Baby


SEPTEMBER 13,1996- He was dying to live…


Retired NBA Baller, Alvin Robertson Accused Of Sex Trafficking***messymandella***


Alvin Robertson, 47, is one of seven people facing charges for sexual assault and sex trafficking of a 14-year-old girl, according to CBS 19.

Alvin Robertson who spent much of career playing for the San Antonio Spurs,  is accused of forcing an under-aged child to have sex with him as part of a group that kidnaped the girl and forced her into prostitution and dancing at a strip club.

His arrest is part of an investigation that started last April when the 14-year-old girl waved down police officers telling them she had been abducted from San Antonio after escaping from 49-year-old Corpus Christi who has pleaded guilty to sexual assault of a child”-Black American Web

Yes, apparently the Ex-Basketball player has fallen on hard times, and  allegedly tricked a 14-year-old girl to be a sex slave. He and others that allegedly commits these crimes, are manipulative and physically abusive. Power is exerted, and so is the fear and  threats of bodily harm. Mentally, she can’t make any sexual decisions. He however, knows how serious these criminal acts are to the upbringing of a child. This  can destroy someones life, and self-love.The 14 years old girl, might believe it is her fault. I know I accepted the pain, and felt that guilt and desperation. As a molestation survivor, (I was 5 years old and it was my adult cousin) those scars never disappear. I still have nightmares, and will for  the rest of my  life. Abuse is not something that should be tolerated, but a child needs protection and that confidence to flourish in our society. Alvin Robertson, may have stolen her voice and her chance at a prodigious life. Meet Tanya, this is not the alleged victim of Alvin Robertson. Behind a blurred camera, she is still fearful, for something that is not her fault…