K-Shine WTF:URL/Smack-K- Shine Vs Big T***messymandella***

This battle was one of the most horrifically and arrogant exchanges in URL/ Smack Battles.

When you watch a battle, you know the schemes, and the cliques, but you NEVER anticipate your favorite choking.

Maybe your favorite has built this wall of self-importance that actually made him prepare only in the car ride to NOME.

If  If I would have paid money to see K-Shine, he would have been on my shit list.

Your name is what you have worked for, K-Shine.

People watched you destroy, and “zip-up” the majority of  your opponents,without any forethought.

K-Shine, something changed when you looked in the eyes of Rapper Big-T.

Where you afraid he was going to clothes line you?

Did you think he was going to trip on his shoe lace, and fall on you?

Where you more occupied with you and Big T’s  “Sweating Contest?”

K-Shine will always be  one of the Best, but he seemed not even bothered.

Where was that drive we witnessed in the in DNA VS. K-Shine battle?

Big T has never even been on my radar, until now!  

Big T destroyed K-Shine in the first round.

“I am not giving him the bunny ears , when I hold this piece behind his head.”- K-Shine

Score: Big T 2-1