15 Year Old Audrie Pott Commits Suicide After Rape!***messymandella***


       Once again, a teenage girl has become a victim of assault by a group of  teenage boys. Why rape is not laughing matter? Why men need to realize that taking advantage of a woman is barbaric. You wouldn’t want someone to do it to your mom or sister. I hate when men try to get women to engage in group sex.

You have no respect for  that woman, your mom or your self. 

Women at times feel powerless, especially when there trapped in an over powering situation with men.  

This time, the incident resulted in suicide.

In Northern California, three 16-year-old boys have been arrested.

The pain and embarrassment were too much, for this girl.

She took her own life.

They are  charged with sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl named Audrie Pott, causing  her to hang herself only 8 days after the attack last fall.

The victim’s family attorney will prosecute against these young men. Robert Allard, said students shared pictures of  the assault via cellphone and that the girl later posted on Facebook that her life was “ruined.” Now, show respect to women.

If you have to drug or rape to get some that makes you a looser,  and a bastard.


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