Trayvon Martin’s Death, Woke Up The Nation!***messymandella***


My heart is broken, and my faith in humanity is being tested every second I view Trayvon’s last picture, on the ground. I swear, Florida you should be so damn ashamed.and that jury will never find peace. This bullshit has know rhyme and reason. He went to get damn skittles.
Damn you Zimmerman, You are a bastard, and you do not have any chance of regaining a comfortable life in society. While you were being a racist piece of shit, you robbed America of that little security they had in the justice system and race relations. Next time a 17-year-old black man is in a hoodie, he will run! That little boy is going to remember the Social and Literal defamation that Trayvon received, when HE WAS THE VICTIM! I am loosing fate in the gangs and violence in my neighborhood. I am scared that one of my cousins could be shot and killed because they don’t know him. Apparently, it’s “shoot and ask questions later!” The world has changed one factor. Every race has come together in distaste for the Social and Ethnical Injustice,created by George Zimmerman!ALL RACES ARE WORKING TOGETHER!


Trayvon, you will be remembered as a symbol of unity, and unjustified death.
Your parents are not alone fighting for your short life. They have millions of people they have never met, crying over you right now! I am one of them. You didn’t deserve any of this racism, you didn’t deserve those painful bullets. You did not deserve to have to beg for your life. I know you will never make it to college. You will never leave your town to follow your dreams. You have to know that you will never leave our hearts, and justice has to be served. Sleep in peace, while we fight for you! 


French Montana-The Curse Of Hood Success!***messymandella***

The life of a hustler, and a rapper are usually one in the same.

Yes, I respect honesty when it come to hip hop artist.  

French Montana, is one of the self-professed hustlers that may find himself, in the same situation as his best friend, Max B.

The curse if hood success happened to rapper T.I. and Lil Wayne.

Right now Ex-Gunit member Young Buck is now behind bars.



New Orleans‘  rapper B.G. also has to live behind bars for a minute.

I listen to French Montana.

His message always seem realistic.

Now, French Montana has to help finance a funeral.

His tour bus was shot up, and leaving  a fatality.

A fan was shot and killed in front of his tour bus.

I doubt they were aiming for the fan.

Now, I know that when Katy Perry, or Stevie Wonder goes on tour, no one feels that  they may get shot.

The fact that the hip hop artist wants to stay “real” kills their money potential , and life span.

Why do rappers care so much about relating to the streets?

 You have made it French Montana.

The people who are on the corner, or street hustlers are not millionaires.

If they are, not legally.

You are getting the best of the hustle.

Cassidy is bitter, because Meek Mill doesn’t need his approval.

Why do you still need approval of the streets?

Incarcerated, or on a RIP T- Shirt is where numerous black men end up.

They are not in the place  to tell their story.

What is  beneficial about leaving the game?

Tell the world how you were shot in the head and left for dead.

That way little kids want end up being half raised like Lil Poopy.

If you were finish with the hood shit, you would not be apologizing to the family of the slain man.

For a second, you had to think it was something in your hustler life. 

You are sometimes only given one shot, to change your path.

French Montana, don’t end up like Max B.

He stays optimistic, even after receiving 75 years.

Now, Max B is a legend, and will die one behind bars.

Walk away from the Hood Shit, and live a better life.

You can’t do a damn thing behind bars.

It is  horrifying that a fan murdered, showing love for you.

If that doesn’t make you change your ways, nothing will.

French, you may have not have a damn thing to do with this murder,but its not a good look.

You don’t want to be  another lost black man, with the Curse Of Hood Success!