Thug Heaven Will Get Crowded, If Ya’ll Keep Crypt Walking!

        How many black men are going to die today?

How many shirts will get printed with “RIP”, this week?

Will we  throw a party for you because you got out a prison?

 You will not see any war worst than the Gang Wars that we have in the United States!

As long as you keep killing your own people you are worst than the Klu Klux Klan.

You are part of the reason that Robert Yummy Sandifer went to his grave at a 11 years old.

I can not believe you walk with your heads up high when you are worse than a Slave Master!

You can’t do better, because you don’t know better.

You should be ashamed when you do!

So  walk with your head up high; while you destroy humanity and put more children in the grave.