Florida’s Lynching of Trayvon Martin ***messymandella***I Told You Casey Anthony Part 2!


*********Written on June 24,2013**************************************************************

Say what you will, but George Zimmerman may remain a free man.

America watched as Casey Anthony walked her happy ass out the court room. We do have an epidemic murder in the United States, As we seen from “Sista Paul Deen”, racism still exist! We shall overcome, my ass? No way in hell this will be a clear case of murder. Children with darker skin at  times emulate  tough guy images, and fake thugs. We have seen those pictures of Trayvon being a  little cocky in the camera,flipping the bird. I flip the bird everyday, even if just mentally. That does not mean I need to die by the hands of an racist with the skin almost the color of mine. George Zimmerman is a confused ,olive colored racist,but  I digress.

Please America, don’t assume a body and a motive,are sufficient  proof that will lead to a verdict of “Guilty” Murder.

We have seen this happen before!

Ask the Ghost Of Johnnie Cochran

**************Written Today  July 14,2013*****

I told you this would happen, didn’t I?  

Some things come to pass to test your faith in humanity.

This verdict proves to America, that “Stand Your Ground” will put you under ground.

You will live in a cold box 6 feet deep without a chance to grow and flourish.

You can die for going to get a pack of damn skittles.

I am sure,  racist arrogant pigs can go home and celebrate their victory.

This is Southern Justice at its finest.

You have to bite your lip, and cry and scream.

No court, or justice system can ever replace the misstep of justice in  Florida.

The Jury, you also  helped lynch Trayvon Martin

This will entice more violence and profiling of our Black teenagers.

Stop, and live and breathe.

Thanks to George Zimmerman, Trayvon will never  have a prom, or a chance to vote.

Next time, it could be your son, brother, cousin, nephew, or next a daughter?

Your boyfriend, or father that “looks” suspicious and can be killed with no consequences.

 My cousins are being told not to wear hoodies at night.

Please don’t carry a soda in your pocket, the police or a  Zimmerman may think it  is a gun and kill you.

Yes, in 2013 we are having a conversation that should be past tense.

George Zimmerman, I know you will live a horrible life, and you deserve it.

Remember, O.J. was punished later in life for what he did to Nicole Simpson, and Ron Goldman.

You smile now, but you will cry later…

Florida Justice, is no justice at all.

My heart is broken, and my faith in humanity is being tested every second I view Trayvon’s last picture, on the ground. I swear, Florida you should be so damn ashamed.and that jury will never find peace. This bullshit has know rhyme and reason. He went to get damn skittles.
Damn you Zimmerman, You are a bastard, and you do not have any chance of regaining a comfortable life in society. While you were being a racist piece of shit, you robbed America of that little security they had in the justice system and race relations. Next time a 17-year-old black man is in a hoodie, he will run! That little boy is going to remember the Social and Literal defamation that Trayvon received, when HE WAS THE VICTIM! I am loosing fate in the gangs and violence in my neighborhood. I am scared that one of my cousins could be shot and killed because they don’t know him. Apparently, it’s “shoot and ask questions later!” The world has changed one factor. Every race has come together in distaste for the Social and Ethnical Injustice,created by George Zimmerman!ALL RACES ARE WORKING TOGETHER!

Trayvon, you will be remembered as a symbol of unity, and unjustified death.
Your parents are not alone fighting for your short life. They have millions of people they have never met, crying over you right now! I am one of them. You didn’t deserve any of this racism, you didn’t deserve those painful bullets. You did not deserve to have to beg for your life. I know you will never make it to college. You will never leave your town to follow your dreams. You have to know that you will never leave our hearts, and justice has to be served. Sleep in peace, while we fight for you!


Rock Those Layers, Sistas! ***messymandella***


Layered hair will always be a trend for the daring Sista!

When you have while flowing hair, you have no reason to wear a face caked with make-up.

The hair is the point of attention.

Women with layers venerated and  often imitated,  due to the confidence it takes to reach out of your comfort zone.

Layers require less maintenance than an updo.

Just remember the shortest layers, should frame your face!



6 Month Old, Johnylah Dead From Gangs***messymandella***


         This beautiful baby will never see 10,12, or even 21. Little 6 -month old Johnylah Watkins felt great pain before she died in Chicago .The despicable and horrific gang tried to kill Johnylah while she was in her  mother Judy  Watkins womb. Yes,  this is not the first time Gang Violence could have killed Johnylah. Judy Watkins, the mother survived that shooting.

        Apparently this time Johnylah’s father made threats on Facebook, and thats how they knew his location. Her stupid father was in a gang. He was changing Johnylah’s pamper. The bullets flew one by one in Jonylah’s body. She will be a haunting memory for all that want to see an end to gun violence .

         I keep crying and praying that these gang members finally get jobs, and a sense of humanity. Seems, it just gets worse. Gang Violence will ultimately destroy lives and communities.

         These Gangs are The New version of the Klu Klux Klan. I know that we have celebrities that praise “Big Meech” and “Larry Hoover“. Today when you gang members put on your affiliated colors, and bandanas in your pocket, think of Johnylah Watkins. Think about how she was murdered brutally. Think about why would a baby need to be shot 5 times? Think they will have an open viewing of her body while she lays in her small casket?

          The Game, Lil Wayne, Jody Breezy, and others look at the battlefield that you are making of our black communities. Look, at the fact that Derrick Rose, has feeling and tears. He will pay money to put this Angel in her final resting place. Until you take responsibility and stop killing, and start preaching the dangers of gangs, put a white sheet on your face, and burn a cross. You’re not  any different from the K.K.K.


Thank you Derrick Rose for paying  for her funeral.