17th Most Beautiful(Selena Gomez)***messymandella***

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Meet The First Black Supermodel Donyale Luna***messymandella***

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Donyale Luna, a brave woman, that admitted to her drug problems, lived a cosmic life.

She would tell people she was from the moon. She spent her days with the late drug addict, Brian Jones.


Donyale Luna, was of course a muse for the late Andy Warhol.

She at times would deny her African Heritage, and refused to be labeled “Black.”

Her bright contacts and lack of contact with Black America during her career , made her unfairly portrayed by a society that at the time screaming and dying for  “Black Pride” and “Equal Rights!”

Donyale Luna’s life plagued by a reputation similar to  the now Fashion Icon, Naomi Campbell.

We should thank Donyale for her  presence and her changing societies Idealistic paradigms.