6 Month Old Jonylah Watkins Funeral***messymandella***

If I communicate one thing to you about life,  its that sometimes the people you are around can be your downfall.

 When Johnylah  Watkins, was a baby that was shot at while in her mothers‘ womb.

Ever wonder why no one really wants to tell the truth, about this case?

I am about to tell you why you   should not  show sympathy for the father or the mother.


1.   Jonathon  Watkins was  a gang member that advised rival gang  members where  he would be that day via  Facebook.

2. Johnylah Watkins did not have a mother or father with morals and she was in the world alone.

3. Johnylah  Watkins   mom was worried more about hood status than protecting her child.

4.Johnathon should have never taken that baby with him, on the same day he threatened gang members.

5. No matter what excuse you make as a mother, you are stupid as hell to let a known drug dealer,or gang member live with you.

6. Check out the body language of both parents.

7. It’s their child that succumbed to gang violence, but they need a spokesperson for a 6 month old child?

8. Gang members are heartless bombs, so if you lay down with dogs you will get fleas.

9.The only person you should cry for is that baby, she never had protection or good parenting.

10.Never feel sorry for a Gang Member, you never know if  Jonathan  killed someone, and those shots were revenge.

I want you to feel pain, if you are in a gang.
You are part of the reason Jonylah died.
Sometimes that reality will make someone put down their guns.
I hope for this baby’s memory you look in the mirror and ask, “Why am I killing my own race, and innocent people?”

Chicago Community Mourns Death Of 6-Month-Old Baby Shot In Gang Altercation

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French Montana Swagger Jacked Thugnificent***messymandella***


Both songs degrade women.

Both songs tell me to get on the damn floor, like a River Donkey.

Both songs have absolutely no subject matter.

Both songs are a set back for women.

Let me catch you women dancing to a song, that tells you to drop it bitch!

Sometimes, we need to see a Satire, to recognize buffoonery.

If you sista’s have been dancing to this, “You have been hoodwinked, and bamboozled!”


Lianne La Havas-Gone ***messymandella***

The voice of Lianne La Havas is a beautiful whisper in a world of over singing women.

Beautiful girl, with  a beautiful voice.

 Check out Lianne La Havas and her voice, reminiscent of  Sade.