Sky Ferreira Vs Alexander O’neal and Cherrelle ***messymandella***

If you pin back  your ears,  you hear  reminiscent  hooks that make you feel like smiling, kissing , and laughing.

Sometimes, it could be something your mom and dad played at a cookout 10 years ago.

You can remember that moment, your uncle who is now dead, say, “Turn that up, that’s my song.”

The music the laughter and him and my aunt “thinking” all that cartwheeling was dancing,  can bring you to that happy place.

When I first heard this song by Sky Ferreira it reminded me of  my family dancing to Alexander Oneal  outside, at  our Southern Cookouts.

You have to got to love that  distinguished  80’s  and 1990’s feel good vibe.

I surmise that  the 80′, and 90’s sound is what made “Adorn” by Miguel and “Love On Top” by Beyonce HIts.  

Those  hits , earned them  prominent   places on the  Billboard Charts.

Check out Sky!

After you listen to Sky Ferreira bring your parents,and aunts and uncles in the room.

Let them enjoy the second  song, you will too!

Ignore the roaches stomping that they call dancing.

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