Put Your Loved One First!

            I hope you enjoy today. Don’t think that you have to get a gift, or give a gift. You are your gift. Don’t be bitter with lies and betrayal from the past. It is hard, but you have to get past the hurt, to get that love. You know that feeling you get when you hear that voice. That is you opening up your heart.
            Your have the gift of love to give. Someone I love deeply, is very ill at the moment and has been in the hospital for 4 months . It is only a friendship, but there is love. Love is needed to get you through all of life ups and downs. You may never admit that you need or want to be loved, out loud. You do, everyone needs it.
            Are you going to give love to someone on Valentines Day? After Valentine’s Day are you going to keep cheating, or lying. BE REAL. Do not just give a gift, to prove a point. Give Love! Those earrings, and teddy bears don’t mean a damn thing; if you don’t have loyalty and love.


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