SOLANGE + DIRTY _-__PROJECTORS_______________


The Dirty Projectors are innovators.

They dress like the Charles Manson family, but sing like slightly drunk humming birds.

Maybe that is how they gain their cult following?

In each one of their songs, they have that same quality.

The Dirty Projectors ignore the beat and it is one of their signature distinctions!

Watch Solange (Fashion Icon) and The Dirty Projectors cover “Tell Me” by Groove Theory.

That song still is a jewel.  






                  The world we live in can capture any moment of life. That is a pitfall of Social Media. No one can actually really tell if someone is serious when they say they can’t go on another minute. He tweeted moments before he committed suicide. His  phrase, “It’s… all… bad..yall” did not indicate that he would take his own life. People argue, and bully everyday. Sometimes you can’t imagine that the words you say, would devastate someone. My heart goes out to his family. He was a beautiful young rapper with potential to be in the mainstream. He couldn’t cope! That is a sadness in itself.

                When people commit suicide the people who are left behind, die inside. That integral question will always be ,”WHY?” That will tear at your heartstrings forever. The person that had that last fight or argument, before the suicide, is left with that guilt. He apparently was having a tough time with his girlfriend, fellow rapper “Honey Cocaine.”  “Honey Cocaine” has said that she was his friend, not girlfriend! Whatever they were, it no longer matters. He is no longer in his physically  here.She is now suffering the backlash and the blame, for Freddy’s death. You have to understand, no one thinks that any argument will be the last. It could be you in her shoes. What would you feel? The love that she has, will always be overshadowed by blame. She keeps defending herself,but she will hurt for a very long time. She is still young, and love hurts at any age. Suicide leaves many unanswered questions. Healing takes time, She will hurt too. It’s not her fault!

R.I.P. Prop Joe

Robert F. Chew, actor from the Critical Acclaimed Drama “The Wire” has passed away.



Robert, 52 years old succumbed to heart failure.

The actor portrayed the character “Prop Joe” was an overweight drug dealer that wanted to establish a co-op on “The Wire.”

He was an established actor that showcased his personal  experiences  in his work.

Robert  will always be remembered for his authentic portrayal as a Shiesty Dealer in the Drug Wars of Baltimore, Maryland.

To the friends and family of  Robert F.  Chew, I am sorry for your loss.