Do You Feel Obligated To Come Out?

          Do celebrities have  to admit that they are homosexual and bisexual? Why does it matter so much? I have always wondered why  we get fulfilment when someone does admit they may stray from heterosexuality?

       I don’t care if they get it on with a wall or a plunger!

      Don’t get me wrong, there is that “I Knew It!” moment. Does that mean I am going to buy fewer albums, or watch less movies from that artist?

I ate toast this morning. Will that change anything in your life? Yeah, didn’t think so!

You have to understand it really ain’t nobody’s business.

     Some people love to force people out of the closet, but those people I am sure have their own skeletons. You know you do!

         Unless you are a biased bastard from Fox News, it absolutely is irrelevant, what you prefer sexually.  Be queer and full of cheer. You can be happy and fart  pixie  dust all through the streets.

Jodie Foster, I knew you were a lesbian in Silence Of The Lambs(I  have eyes and ears)!

Anderson Cooper, I would love to take you out and buy some clogs, and a replica of Liberace Candelabra!

Lady Gaga, I would enjoy going on a bus trip with you, to find some of your sanity!

RuPaul , we would  have a “WigstockParis is Burning Luncheon!”

Who cares who you love?

The worst disappointment would not being able to love at all!

 Go ahead and start whispering and wondering why I played this video .


      No matter what, it should not change any aspect of your being.




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