Why Are We Showing Gangs So Much Love?

          I have never understood the fascination with being in a gang or why many of our gang members are being treated like Heavenly Angels ? I listen to the music,but I am not a weak minded individual. Sadly some children can’t decipher right from wrong. Some of my favorite rappers pledge allegiance to a flag in the back of their pocket. Most children that join gangs were poverty-stricken.

You rappers are rich and wealthy, so whats’ your excuse?
        Why the hell are you in gang? Everytime  you decide to crip walk on stage, or represent your folk nation remember you are just as grimy as the Klux Klux Klan! You are killing your own people. I am saddened that you can walk around knowing that children are dying and you don’t give a damn! Everytime you put that flag in your pocket or represent your gang, you push yourself further into the 11th realm of Hell. Even Atheist are disgusted by you too. I am going to list a few videos with out in your face gang signs that our destroying our community. They are sending the new generation to the prisons and the graves.  

         Some  of the killers that we dance to that are making it almost damn impossible to go to certain neighborhoods, or wear certain colors. If every time a child is murdered, you should all be indicted for that murder. Everyone in your sect of the Black Klux Klan. Sorry asses killing your own community and actually thinking that you doing something positive. You murder dreams, and young lives. When you sit in your mansions and cashing your checks; little children on the corner praying they will  be just  like you. They idolize you!
          Don’t you dare tell me Gangs do positive things in our community. Tookie Smith, executed Gangsta’ changed his life. We need to stop these babies, so they can change  lives ,before their own state ordered death.

          These rappers are not going to come get your ass out of jail. They are not going to help pay for your funeral. Half of them are “alleged” studio gangsters. They are still guilty as hell for murder.

Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X died so you could kill more black people?