Why Would You Put Up With Messy Folks?

              I’m not just discussing relationships! I promise, this is just life. Life is too short to worry about unnecessary mess? Believe it or not we have to share the planet with pathetic and sadly ignored adults. These homosapians spend time trying to instigate, and control every situation. I don’t let those sorry and lonely people ruin my day. In fact, you shouldn’t either!  People can only repeatedly give you mess, if you accept it in your life. Look around you .Imagine what you want in life, and live it that way! If you love that person, set boundaries. If  it is a partner, you let them cross that line, they will. You will be like any other Rihanna and Karrueche Tran that you encounter in your personal life

           Don’t let manipulative people  win! Don’t Let Them See You Sweat! They are angry,because their phone doesn’t ring or they sell ass on Facebook or Twitter, but not one is buying a thing! Live and speak, accept yourself as that queen or king.Walk with others that want to see a positive outcome. Remember, We will always have trashy people who want to take advantage of a sweet and nice person, such as yourself. The fact remains that children are not the only ones that encounter this degradation. They can learn it from their bullying parents at home. It matters what you say. I promise it matters  more, what you do! Treat people better,and don’t put up with messy folks! You will  do something that the 26 at Sandy Oak can’t do again. You can live a prosperous life. Time is too precious to waste.  I’m going to let the late Frank Sinatra tell you how I feel! 


New Designs From Rachel Roy


 Here is a glimpse of  Rachel Roy’s latest designs.

 She can take 10 pieces and turn them into 40 different looks.

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 Rachel Roy’s gorgeous pieces, always reflect her dazzling eye for fashion!

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