Hell Is Around The Corner **TRICKY**

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NEW URLTV: TSu Surf Vs Charlie Clips***messymandella***


       URL TV presents Tsu Surf  Vs Charlie Clips. Tsu Surf’s first round amazed the crowd, because of his  line schemes. I am a fan of both rappers, but I told everyone that  Charlie Clips would win. You know I think the negative critique of his last battles gave him that fire to improve his longevity.Clips has revived his schemes. His  heart wasn’t in his earlier  battles. Everyone that believed that Clips was lacking skills clearly do not understand battle rap.Charlie is a big man who runs out of  energy and food. He never ran out of skills, just syrup!

           Tsu Surf would never admit  he is loosing, but I think at time stamp 12:18 reality set in for Tsu Surf. He came with his ego, and underestimated Charlie. As fans of the Rap Battle coverage we predict  the winner based on hype, and views. Of course Tsu Surf Stans will not give Charlie the win.  Charlie did not have any inclination of losing. I saw the hottest MC‘s choke lately. Conceited, Arsonal Da Rebel, and now Tsu Surf have all choked and they are veterans in the game.Tsu Surf decided to invent his own vocabulary, what in the Grape Street Hell is “Tattle Talk?” Tsu Surf will come back with vengeance, he has to…