What In The Clint Eastwood Hell Did I Just Watch?

Clint Eastwood Is 7 Different Kinds Of Crazy!


This Fool just sat up here and did a screenplay with a damn chair. I have no idea what Dirty Harry was smoking last night,it must have been good! Did I watch the beginning stages of Dementia? What In the hell is wrong is with this man?  Clint Eastwood stole the show from Mitt Romney!  I don’t have any idea why this man gave America this muckery? Was this an improvisation sponsored by AARP? Who’s bright idea was  this screen play?  I also would love to know if the first few questions were suppose to be audible?  I hope that Clint Eastwood realizes that it’s pretty odd to answer and ask questions….WITH A DAMN CHAIR! I hope Clint gets it together.  He might need a CAT Scan. This fool just asked  the chair, “What you want me to tell Romney?” I can’t….

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