Frank Ocean-We All Try

Be Strong.It’s Not Your Fault. You gotta believe…


Messymandella does not have a Facebook account. I appreciate my readers from all over the world, from any social media. The nuts that are on Social Media, are numerous. I love my privacy and I love being mysterious. Ha,Ha! I don’t like drama. Here is a list of 10 signs that you are a plum damn fool!

1. You ask people out on Facebook?

2. You have been unfriended on Facebook for being a sleazy tramp.

3. No one wants their family members,or bosses to accidentally come across your page.

4. You ask EVERYONE of your friend questions like “Does anyone want to go to the movies with me?”

5. You know you have no life, and you are never invited out.

6. No one wants to be around a filthy mouth tramp, with no respect for herself.

7. Your page could get someone fired if they check the cursing and vulgarity at work.

8. You are known as a selfish, narcissus that only wants  to brag and talk about their every action on Social Media.

9. You ask questions like “Am I Pretty?” “Do you think I am mean?”

10. You have done at least 5 of these things on the list. …They are laughing at you.

Here is my favorite nut