The Tragedy Of Amy Winehouse

When Amy Winehouse graced the world with her “Blue Eyed Soul” she had the world captivated.Amy had her own style and a distinct voice.She was loved by millions and had  the world at her feet.She came into  the Music business with a sense of purpose.She changed perception of music for many.She was compared to Dusty Springfield and even Billie Holliday. So Why did we lose her?

Amy left all her talent and life behind after only  walking the Earth for   27 years. Now a member of infamous 27 Club she will be one of those “what if they would have lived” conversations for years to come.

When Amy married Blake Felder Civil her appearance and behavior became a circus in itself. The couple would fight ,and walk around with bruises and blood in the street. her popularity grew her financial and professional life made it hard to concentrate on her talent.Later rapid rumours of drug and alcohol abuse were later confirmed. She was in  video and on the cover of  “Sun”  smoking Crack Cocaine on film. Sadly one of her own peers sold the footage to a Tabloid.

Amy  Winehouse was an attractive girl who later lost teeth,weight,and her own voice.Her legal problems and show performances suffered.Some of her live performances were down right embaressing.The world kept waiting for her comeback.Later  her comeback  was riduculed.She herself , looked confused and intoxicated. We never saw what could have happended.Now the world will have to wonder what could have been for the Lioness, known as Amy Winehouse?Here is the documentary