earl sweatshirt’s grief…***messymandella***


“I’ve been alone in my shit for the longest
Snakes sliding in the street
Mama taught me how to not be like the bodies lying in them
Pigs, riding in ‘em
I’m a target so it’s hard to even eye me in ‘em
If he ain’t dying for me, then I ain’t riding with him
There’s no time for that
Making sure my man wallet’s straight like a collar
When you eyeing that
Thinking ’bout my grandmama, find a bottle
I’mma wallow when I lie in that
I just want my time and my mind intact
When they both gone, you can’t buy ‘em back…”

“Never getting out of hand, steady handling my job
Time damaging my ties
Who turn to get up? Get dude turned to dinner quick
You circus ni**as, you turning into tricks
I was making waves, you was surfing in ‘em
Dealing with the stomach pains just from birthing ni**as’ sh*t
Cut the grass off the surface
Pray the lawnmower blade catch the back of a serpent n**ga sh*t

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UPDATE: Bobbi Kristina Brown’s “Boyfriend” Speaks About His Guilt!***messymandella***

       Bobbi Kristina Brown, you  are still in our prayers, up high. This article of course  not any means a smear campaign against Nick Gordon, but he spoke of Bobbi Kristina as she  was already  dead.

          “I miss them both, and I lost them both!”

What in this world happen to that baby on that day and who and what could even cause her to be in this situation? This boy feels guilt, but he doesn’t appear to have attempted to murder her. He appears to be guilty that he couldn’t revive her that day. Nick blames himself, and now the family rallying for her survival should never be sidetracked by Nick’s antics, but something is  missing. Why does he feel so guilty, and threatening himself? 

Is  this a  calculated diversion?

Watch for yourself!

Brain dead, physical death and whatever terminology  is being used to describe Bobbi are not technically important at this moment.

What is important is how and when the families coming together, burying the hatchet and setting aside their  own differences to make things right for Bobbi in the near future.

     I am sure Whitney is sending her daughter love  and is torn between wanting her there with her, or letting her stay here with us a little longer, to carry out her dreams.

When you take the time to look inside  yourself use Whitney as your example.

        Whitney taught me never to have anyone in your life that will publicly destroy or diminish your brand or cause scandal.

        I wish and pray  Bobbi Kristina will finally have her story told through her eyes, without the tabloid scandal.She deserves people in her life, that have her best intrest,and not only want her inheritance.

Whitney Houston lived a life that humbled most, and destroyed her in the end. Her daughter couldn’t seem to find her place in this world. Now she won’t have to, the families ALLEGEDLY will let Bobbi Kristina Brown pass away. Now,it is a what if situation,but we are too hurt inside. This little girl had two troubled parents with addictions, but they loved her so much. No one could ever dispute the admiration of their little girl, Bobbi Kristina Brown.

     Today is her last physical day,according to reports from the family spokesperson. I felt in my heart she left us before this week. She wanted to be with her mom. Now she will be removed from the breathing machine on the anniversary of her mother’s death.

We must tell the truth about Whitney Houston. I cried, because I was in her situation,not drugs but with someone who would play the part of a different person to the public.


When she lost part of her heavenly voice, and her self-respect through addiction, we were confused and disappointed and with Bobbi, we refuse to accept her fate.



Los Angeles Police Shooting, Black Homeless Man Dead (VIDEO) ***messymandella***


They murder us and walk away, and never face a day in prison because it is ALWAYS justified.
While  we march and cry  for stolen lives, they may never face and indictment or even have to explain themselves for their power hungry actions.
We march, we cry but we soon forget!
Why is this this scenario is a recurring nightmare that never finds a resolution?
No one is getting punished for killing us! 

The law protects are killers, if  they are wearing a badge.

Now, if their is a badge on their shirts, they have the authority to murder you, curse at you, put the dogs on you,beat you with not even an indictment.

They will  make it home for dinner after they have laugh about it  with their fellow officers.

Last step is to have a police conference, and at their own discretion explain what happened 4 days later.

If we are at the scene of a crime, do we are 4 days to explain what happened?

History has taught us that we never walk away, from these situations, with justice.

Actually in these situations, we  are usually driven away by an ambulance or a coroner.
If a family member demonstrates unrest and tears they will also be at fault.
Families are suppose to watch their loved one murdered and not ask why.
Some mothers and daughter show up to the crime scene and are tasered, beat with billy clubs and

also arrested and verbally assaulted, because of questioning authority.
How dare they ask why their loved one is on the ground shot to death, or strangled to death?
If the killer is wearing a badge, it is justified, right?
Anything is possible when the wrong person is wearing that badge.
What direction should our little boys take, when they are approached by the police?

Should they stay and fall to their feet with a barrage of bullets, or should they take their chances to run?

We are instructed to follow the rules but it appears that we were not told, holding a badge gives you free range to murder, assault, and receive paid  vacation time .

We must do this while our men lay  at the morgue for no damn reason.




Fantasia – Lose to Win ***messymandella***Commodores – Nightshift (1985)




The Young Turks: The Wisconsin Cop Fatally Shoots Black Teen***messymandella***

“Police in Wisconsin have shot and killed Tony Robertson, a 19 year old black man that according to sources was unarmed.

Tony was seen yelling at friends and getting into a fight with friends before jumping on a few cars.

A call from the same address reported that Tony had also attempted to strangle someone in the home.

Police arrived on the scene and attempted to subdue Tony. He assaulted an officer, Matt Kenny, to which the officer responded by drawing his sidearm and shot Tony once, killing him.

Officer Kenny reportedly has used lethal force once before in 2007 when a man ‘committed suicide by cop.”- Young Turks




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