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Find yourself and never forget those that kept you inside of their heart, through your biggest disappointments.

Don’t stress yourself out about close minded people who are afraid to show their artistic side.

You just have to live, and strive survive, and forgive those that hurt you.

Love the ones that stick by you.

If you have your thoughts are on a person everyday, they have already inspired you.

Keep them in your life,because they will continue to build you up!

Even if the money and materialistic items disappear,They will still be there.

Dream and Do and “Shine Your Light!”

If you lay under your covers scared of the world, that is your fault, and you are handicapping your abilities.

Nothing comes from just dreaming or hiding! Admit when you care and demonstrate your true self to impress others.

Be You!

Keep Growing And Pushing and prove those stereotypes, and sexual degrading thoughts of women, and racialism issues of yesteryear.

I appreciate you supporting you for linking and loving me,and enjoying me!

It means so much to me, that you except me …for me

With my messy ass….



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NSFW:Pharoahe Monch – Simon Says-Wyclef -Kenny Rogers***messymandella***

Beautiful Sista’s All Over The World: Here Is India’s Aishwarya Rye! ***messymandella***

Age doesn’t matter!
Your size doesn’t matter!
The Color of your Skin Doesn’t Matter!



UPDATE: USA SENDING TROOPS TO NIGERIA: “Please Find Our Daughters!” ***messymandella***


    “The girls’ abductors, who have been in regular direct contact with a government intermediary, also report that three of their teenaged captives have already died but no one details have surfaced on how they met their demise. 

Eighteen others, they say, are now in medical treatment…

       These kidnappers oppose women’s rights and want them to only be their submissive slaves.

Can you imagine how these little girls are suffering  and how much they want to be back home?

Make noise and let the government know that we love these babies as our own.

“Please Find Our Daughters!”



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The Genius Of Isosine: Florence **Kendrick Lamar*Drake***messymandella***

Isosine’s ear is shockingly erratic and unmatchable, and his underground fan base has grown without advertisement, truth and talent can’t be duplicated.

Isosine doesn’t really advertise, but is appreciated for his fantastic and determination to bring  everyone together and include musicians that other wise would never dream of a collaboration.

He removes labels and ideas of preconceived musical genres and he doesn’t stifle his imagination.

Isosine doesn’t limit himself to  any genre or year to incorporate music.

Talent should be appreciated, and not just because it is CURRENTLY on Billboard. 


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International Women’s Day! ***messymandella***

International Women’s Day

Don’t be weak, because someone wants you to be…

Speak your damn mind!

If it hurts them, maybe it will help them.

Make sure that you rely on yourself, because some humans are destined to be losers even with money. 

You need to make sure you live with a conscious and don’t change your personality depending on who you are around.

Be You!

Live with a realistic and  humanized approach and respect people.

Say how you feel, and live in dignity and respect.

We can not raise daughters with weak and needy personalities.

You deserve someone who wants your ideas and has enough intelligence to humble foolish conversations and be a better person.

You are the gift, find someone who is worthy to  open the present…

You can have any sexual orientation and love who you want!

Today, on our  International Women’s Day be a Role Model,  a builder,  and save yourself for someone who wants your best interest and won’t try to break you down.

You are worth every kiss, compliment, and hug.

You deserve the best every day.

Start today with an intellectual conversation with a positive humble being.

Find truth, and find people with a happy point of view.

You deserve  a real person in your life!

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Trap Love By Jeni ***messymandella***

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Meet Gavlyn=What I Do ***messymandella***

What I Do


South Carolina’s Butcher=Dr. J. Marion Sims***

J. Marion Sims(January 25,1813-November 13,1983), South Carolina’s Butcher, murdered and manipulated slave women for all sadistic purposes. These Sadistic Tortures were his demonic experiments. Sim’s also used slave children, for his sadistic purposes.

 History is about to repeat itself. Some racist,and ignorant people want to succeed from the United States. In your history books, you know this has happened before. It is a sign of the times that we are even in the same predicament. The United States  Of America is  so divided. Legislation and mortality are sadly two of the  focuses that can make or break our nation. Life rotates in  360 degrees, and succeeding petitions prove this theory. Slavery does not legally exist, but women are tortured all over the world.

Dr. Sims should not be celebrated. He is an embarrassment to South Carolina. J.Marion Sims, would cut off body parts of pregnant women. He needed to see how they would be able to complete their plantation work, with  bleeding body parts.

The Slave’s and Children were tormented and tortured, at any given moment.

Women that suffered from Vesicovaginal Fistulas( painful traumatic vaginal birth) were integral parts of his demonic torture. J.Marion Sims kept at least three women as his slaves just to see how much trauma and pain they could endure.These women were already in pain, from the Traumatic Birth. Dr. Sims  kept at least 3 main surgical victims,in his disposal. Betsy,Anarcha and Lucy were publicly tortured,and endured heavily painful situations.

This is one of the slaves that will endure Dr.Sims torture. Can you imagine how scared she is at this moment? She has no idea what will happen to her. She knows she can’t defend herself, or stop her impending torture.

Dr.J. Marion Sims had  anesthesia medicine,he only gave it to white women. He said he wanted to hear those black women‘s screams. Sim’s took a Shoe iron and stretched the skulls of slave newborns.Of course, he didn’t work alone. Sims had other women also take part in this Gynecological injustice.

 You can view some of the pictures at this link  Dr.Sims victims of torture never had a voice, until now .

He wanted them to feel  more pain…

You Are Never Alone, Ever~ Loreen ***messymandella***

I am giving you that “I am about that life” look!

Life is not meant to be dreadful and full of deceptive personalities.

 You can stop accepting situations because you are afraid to be ALONE!

That word is a pitiful excuse and explanation of fear.

You can be so timid and soft-spoken and miss out on your amazing life.

You are not alone. I can promise you that someone somewhere has you in their heart and thoughts.

Why would you assume because you can’t feel or kiss that love it doesn’t exist?

 Love is when you see a little girl like Taylon that is living her last moments without regret(Make A Wish) recipient!

You feel pain and hurt well dammit,  that is LOVE.

You convinced the world that you don’t need one person but an entire room of people.

Well, if you feel that way sadly you are alone.

Love and fear keep you running too afraid to take that next step.

Live like you are dying.

Live like you can feel me hugging you!

I am here, because I once felt alone in a room full of people.

I left that room and those people and learned to love them from a distance.

 Love is not just touching, it is about going above and beyond to show the world you were here and that you made a difference in that persons life.

That is love, and you  will never use, hurt or judge that person! No matter what the rest of the world may say, you can see through that fog, and live for yourself.

YOU are not alone, I can promise you!

Energy and positive thinking may guide you but your willingness to succeed makes you unstoppable.

 You Are Never Alone, Ever~ Loreen ***messymandella***

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