Beautiful Women: The Eyes Have It~ ***messymandella***

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.

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Trap Love By Jeni ***messymandella***

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Meet Latesha Lee: Never Walk Away ***messymandella***

“Loyalties differ in basis according to the foundation upon which they are constructed.Loyalties may be constructed upon the basis of unalterable facts that constitute a personal connection between the subject and the object of the loyalty!”-From The Hood Bible (Wikipedia)

Quitting is for Suckas!

Respect Me!

Don’t make a fool out of the one that holds you down, and respect their reputation, as if it was your own!

Share motivation and love, but reciprocate the respect given to you!

You make  a Sista keep pushing…

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Effortless Up-Do’s ***messymandella***


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Julia Holter Vs Billie Holiday***messymandella***

Have you ever felt a voice so powerful, it almost made you cry?

The music of the late Billie Holiday, still transforms you because of the pain.

The demons that tortured Billie,  in her destructive

English: Billie Holiday and her dog Mister, ba...

English: Billie Holiday and her dog Mister, backstage dressing room, probably at the Downbeat, NYC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

life plaque celebrities 50 years later.

Artist will usually have one addictive down-fall,  because their talent is too powerful to contain. I know the feeling, of wondering ,”Why am I seeing this, How can I create this? Why am I telling these stories?”

That melancholy transforms the electricity in your  body, and it can’t escape you.

Julia’s voice might be the last sound you hear before you leave this earthly life.

You know when you hear Julia’s voice, that this will be the last song you will sing.

Never  have I heard a voice so transforming, as this Domino Recording Artist.

Is she telling you good-bye, for good?

What is you trying to escape?

Julia Holter appears to be  possessed with the ghosts of Billie Holiday and Karen Carpenter.

Listen for yourself!

Meet Domino Recording Artist, Julia Holter!

L   A  D  Y          D   A   Y


Feel That Warm Water***messymandella*** Singer Banks

Well, aim higher for this!
That person you wants, feels you spiritually.
Who will be the first one to admit that attraction?
Someone has to feel comfortable, to make that first move.
You just know that person should be in your life, even as a friend first!
Show yourself, but don’t get catfished!
Stand up for yourself, admit what you don’t approve of but still have their back!
Speak from your heart, but don’t compromise your work and your heart.
I believe they already know that something about you is keeping, them on their toes too!
When you finally make that connection, be aware you will be tested!
Don’t compromise your morals, just be you baby!

They know!

You just know!



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